Saturday, November 1, 2008


The Stark County Democratic Party under the direction of Chairman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr., and in complicity with former Stark County Clerk of Courts Phil Giavasis decided to play a game of musical chairs at the expense of democracy and the voters of Stark County decided to anoint Nancy Reinbold (wife of Stark County Court of Common Pleas judge Richard Reinbold) as the successor to Giavasis who, wanting to enhance his pay grade, his retirement benefits and how often he as to run for re-election, ran for and was elected to the Canton Municipal Court clerkship.

Why all the background?

Because Republican Jason Wise is the only chance for voters to say anything about the political machinations of Giavasis, the Reinbolds and Maier. The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) is highly dubious that Wise will prove to be an effective vehicle to stop the Stark County Democratic machine that Maier has constructed and led from pulling off this "back room politics" caper. Lawrence Township trustee Micheal Stevens was highly interested in this post and was roundly chastised by Phil Giavasis for even considering taking on personal and party pros, choice Reinbold.

Last time The Report checked, America/Stark County are still democracies?

As luck would have it for the Democrats, the Republicans (probably blame former chairman Curt Braden) in putting up Wise as their candidate have accomplished one thing: offered the voting public a sacrificial lamb in Wise.

Reinbold is clearly more qualified than Wise. But maybe Stevens would have been a more attractive alternative. Especially because he might tell Maier "to go fly a kite" if Maier were to make an "employ this loyal Democrat" demand on the officeholder. The Report thinks Reinbold will do whatever Maier tells her. After all, she owes him and Giavasis.

The Report does not think Wise has anything to recommend him other than he is not the choice of political party bosses.

View the accompanying video on Wise set up below. Maybe you will see something The Report doesn't?

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