Sunday, November 16, 2008


Earlier in 2008 when there was a public announcement that Myers Industries (then of Massillon) was relocating from Massillon to North Canton, Mayor Francis Cicchinelli of Massillon claimed this was an intra-county raid designed to solve North Canton's economic woes but - in the end - would not advance Stark County's economic profile.

Mayor David Held of North Canton countered that the transfer was good for Stark County because unless the North Canton (Hoover) site was not available, then Myers was going elsewhere with elsewhere being outside Stark County.

Deal done?

Not really. The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned that the "expert" economic development planners in North Canton failed to calculate that there was no way to get Myers Industries' heavy equipment to the Hoover site because access streets were too narrow and needed widening.

The cost? $2 million.

So the movers and shakers in Stark County including the Stark County Development Board (which is to look after all of Stark County's economic development including Massillon's) went all out to get the necessary money from the state of Ohio (aka "the Strickland administration").

If North Canton does not get the $2 million, there appears to be no way that Myers Industries could have completed the move from Massillon to North Canton.

Questions: Should Cicchinelli/Massillonians be ticked off about the Strickland administration intervention on behalf of North Canton? Was this "intra-county" move good in the sense of whether or not t will prove to be a "net gain" for Stark County's "down-the-road" economy?

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