Friday, June 25, 2010


The Stark County Political Report has learned that there is a fight going on inside the Stark County Republican Party.

Sounds like the Republicans are turning into Democrats, no?

A well placed Republican tells the SCPR that Stark County Republican Party Chairman Jeff Matthews has taken up the cause of strengthening the party's executive committee at the expense of the party's central committee.

The objection by some Central Committee folks for the Matthews move, The Report is told, is that Matthews and his cronies within the upper reaches of the party hierarchy have control of the Executive Committee through the appointment process and therefore want to lessen the importance and power of the Central Committee who are elected in by Republicans at-large.

Just to make sure, the SCPR contacted another key Stark County Republican who confirmed the discord within the Stark GOP.  In fact, The Report was told by this source that the party could lose at least one quality candidate for elective office in 2012 because of the political ruckus which is going on in the party.

So maybe, just maybe, convention goers to the Ohio Young Republican annual convention will be in for a surprise.

Maybe, just maybe, a fight will break out between a Central Committee person and Matthews at this event, which is sponsored by the Stark County Republican Club.

On a more serious note.  The disharmony within the Stark GOP could not come at a worse time.  As officeholding Stark Democrats are about to be rocked by revelations this morning about the details of the alleged theft of taxpayer money out of the Stark treasury which led to the firing of the chief deputy on April 1, 2009, it would appear that Stark Republicans are poised to make a resurgence in holding county office come the elections of 2012, and maybe even pick up the Auditor's office this year and at least one county commissioner position.

But what the heck.

Why would the Republicans want to fight Democrats when they have each other to take on?

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