Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It is looking more and more like Ohio Representative Todd Snitchler (Republican - Lake Township) is going to pretty much be a "one-issue-candidate."  Is he putting all his eggs into a one basket containing only one kind of eggs?

What is the issue?

Performance audits!

Although Democrats are hard pressed to find a reason why they would oppose such an apparently politically benign idea (who can be against government efficiency); you can bet that Snitchler's Democratic opponent (Stark County Commissioner Todd Bosley of Marlboro Township) will try.


Because it is basically a Republican initiative.

Though Republicans deny it, the idea is the focal point of many Ohio Republican candidates and practically no Democrats have embraced performance audits as a "be all" of their campaigns.

At Navarre's tea party on Sunday last, tea partiers heard, perhaps, the foremost advocate for performance audits in all of Ohio in Representative Snitchler.  He spent nearly all of his speaking time at Navarre talking about his House Bill 65 which he introduced in March, 2009 and which has only had one hearing to date.  So it is a long, long way from passage.

Don't look for House Speaker Armond Budish, who personally persuaded Snitchler opponent Bosley to take the first term incumbent on, to allow Snitchler's legislative pet project see the light of day.

The SCPR has learned that Bosley has in hand a recent poll that shows him with a healthy lead with very few voters in the "undecided" category.  Such a small number of undecideds four months out from the election is unusual for a race at this level.  That is what makes these races like these for the likes of The Report to call.

And the SCPR is not about to call this one.

The Report is convinced that this race will be every bit the equivalent of the Bosley/Regula contest for Stark County commissioner in 2006 in which Bosley came from nowhere to defeat the incumbent Richard Regula.

The question for the SCPR is this.  Can Bosley do it again?


Snitchler is in the unhappy position of being a minority party candidate and as evidenced in the tea party speech video presented at the end of this blog, he is totally frustrated at Budish's blocking of his HB 65.

Perhaps Snitchler ought to issue a challenge to Bosley to call on Budish to let the bill get an up or down vote?

Here is a SCPR video of Snitchler's entire speech made to the Navarre tea partiers.


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