Wednesday, November 17, 2010


On September 8, 2010 the SCPR did a blog on political intrigue that is apparently in the process of happening with the Canton City Schools Board of Education (BOE).

Apparently, the Wizard of Oz (Canton Mayor William J. Healy, II) has restarted his political magic show with the re-appointment of Wilbur Allen, III as the replacement of James Carman, Jr., on the BOE on November 1st.  Allen had been appointed on June 14th but it turns out that the appointment had to be re-done because interviews were done at an illegal meeting on the 10th in that the media had not been notified as required by Ohio's Open Meetings law.

 Of course, if the Healy magic vis-a-vis the Canton schools is anything like the spell he has cast over Canton city government, then the schools, already in a trouble both academically and financially (over the longer term), are in for harder times than ever.

Whereas King Midas (of Greek mythology) turned everything he touched into gold, King William of Canton tarnishes nearly everything he touches.  As if he hasn't negated Canton enough, he turns his attention to the schools through the personages of Allen (a Healy administration employee with historical connections to McIlwain through a community activist organization - Coming Together), Nadine McIlwain and Eric Resnick.

On November 1st, board member Jennifer Keaton voted no, saying:  " ... I do not feel confident with the process.”


Certainly, the BOE got all of its noticing done correctly the second time around with Allen.

What could she be talking about?

Could it be that Keaton suspects that same thing that the SCPR senses?  A de facto takeover of the Canton City Schools by Hizzoner William J. Healy, II?

If such is the case, then all The Report can say is that Pastor Wilbur Allen, III should be offering up prayers Sunday after Sunday after Sunday:  "Lord have mercy on the Canton City Schools!!!"

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