Tuesday, November 9, 2010


All eyes are on North Canton Council President Daryl Revoldt these days.

Reports persist that he is headed to go to work for either successful Republican congressional candidate Jim Renacci or Republican Governor-elect John Kasich.

Revoldt within the past week has denied (though he did say he was flattered) to the SCPR that he hasn't any intention of leaving his leadership role in North Canton.  He does, however, admit to reports that he was in Columbus last Tuesday to observe and help celebrate the Kasich victory. 

The Report is skeptical of these reports which continue to emanate from within North Canton's council.  It could be a case of wishful thinking on the part of certain members of Council.  There appears to be a love-hate relationship between Revoldt and certain members of North Canton's legislative body.

The irony of the relationship from the SCPR's perspective is that were Revoldt were to bolt, there seems to be little promise that one of the remaining members of the body is equipped to assume the strength of leadership that Revoldt has demonstrated.  Perhaps senior Councilman Jon Snyder, but he seem to lack the strong arm and compelling intellect that Revold has.

Revoldt has a Ph.d in History from the University of Akron.  He has served in a number of political/governmental roles other than his work on Council including a stint as mayor of The Dogwood City, Regional 9 Economic Development Director (Taft administration), and the chief of administration for retired Congressman Ralph Regula.

The Report also hears that Mayor David Held was scouting around Columbus Tuesday past for alternative employment.  There is a leakage of information that his position with the Stark, Wayne and Tuscarawas Solid Waste District is not all that secure.  However, if Held were to leave North Canton, the SCPR does not believe that his relocation would hurt the quality of leadership in the City.  North Canton has a "weak mayor, strong council system" designed perfectly for a guy like Held who is a "nice guy," but not the strongest leadership personality one is likely to run into.

Councilman Jeff Davies likely would rejoice at a Held departure as Held generated an investigation of Davies and his conduct vis-a-vis certain members of the North Canton administration earlier this year.

Now to Alex Zumbar.  He ranks at the level of if not superior to Revoldt in terms of his importance to the viability of North Canton's government.  With his election last Tuesday to the Stark County treasurer's post, he leaves a huge hole in the North Canton administration that could be telling on the City's ability to keep its financial house in order.  He has promised North Canton officials he will be lingering in the background to help them out.  However, The Report questions the reliability of the promise given his need to devote his attention to the continuing restructuring of the Stark County treasury begun by his predecessor, interim Treasurer Ken Koher.

The SCPR has learned that North Canton officials have reached out to former long time financial leader Marge Loretto (now with SCORE [Service Corps of Retired Executives] at Kent State) to come to the aid of North Canton on an interim basis.

It appears that leadership could be coming into short supply in the waning days of 2010 in North Canton.  With the troublesome national, state, and local economy in full bloom; a vacuum of leadership is hardly something North Canton can afford.

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