Friday, November 5, 2010


To borrow the expression of defeated Republican Party/Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle (Colorado U.S. Senate seat):  "it's time for Todd Snitchler to 'man-up.'"

Not only Snitchler, but also Scott Oelslager (Republican/North Canton - elect 29th Ohio Senate),  Kirk Schuring (Republican/Jackson - elect 51st Ohio House).

Stephen Slesnick can't "man-up" for two reasons.  First, he is now in a huge minority (59 - 40 Republican) and second, he doesn't have the strength of intellect and personality to be in the Ohio Legislature in the first place.  However, borrowing on his family name; he has managed to get elected and re-elected in an overwhelming Democratic district.

Despite the fact that Oelslager and Schuring were for quite a few years (the Taft administration going back through Voinovich) in the majority/supermajority as Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly, they were largely ineffective . 

Again they have successfully negotiated a musical chairs routine (with the nuance that each gets a seat; 29th to 51st and back again) to defeat the intended purpose of term limits which was the idea of the Republican caucuses to help break the Democratic stranglehold in the Vern Rife era of the Ohio General Assembly.

A focus of the SCPR will be to track Snitchler, Oelslager and Schuring in detail and specificity on whether or not they are being effectively productive for Stark County and, indeed, for all of Ohio on a timeline that the Ohio electorate will accept.

Although he was accurate in saying so, one got sick hearing Todd Snitchler whining about how he was shut out by the Ohio Democratic Speaker of the House (Amond Budish) from advancing any of the legislation he introduced.

What we found out about Snitchler on his legislative frustrations is that he does not possess creative qualities one needs when faced with adversity to overcome the adversity.

Now, with all the stars lined up for him and his fellow Republicans Oelslager, Schuring and the fellows, there are no excuses.

Whatever they in concert with Governor-elect Kasich come up with as policy readjustment to pull Ohio out of the doldrums, it better be fast and it had better be effective - like yesterday.  The political reality is that voters have very little patience these days.

Whatever the new majority does, they need to put an "up-front" timeline on to be held accountable on.

No whining, no excuse making guys - "just 'man-up'!"

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