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Park's Most Egregious "Unconstitutional" Decision

No surprise to The Stark County Political Report!  (SCPR).

Here is a copy of the entire decision:

It was with an August 14, 2014 Ohio Fifth District Court of Appeals decision (In re:  Finan) blogged upon on September 22, 2014 that the SCPR picked up on Stark County Court of Common Pleas - Probate Division Judge Dixie Park's gross deficiency in her understanding of constitutional law of the United States of America and Ohio.

An "not" understanding the law can be very costly indeed.

A consequence of Park's 2013 misapplication of constitutional law, a "everyday" Stark Countian spent 11 days in jail.

Sometimes folks dismiss dire consequences of court decisions as "only going to happen to someone else."

Undoubtedly, that was the thinking of the Alliance "day-in, day-out" citizen who was jailed by Judge Park's manifest lack of understanding of how to apply the due process of law clauses of our federal and state constitutions.

The SCPR thinks any citizen who appears before Judge Park in which fundamental constitutional considerations are in play should expect the worst of her.

This demonstrated application of "constitutional law" legal jeopardy notwithstanding (see links at the end of this blog); Park was selected by the University of Mount Union in October, 2014 to deliver its annual Constitution Day speech.

As an amusing aside, as a matter of "fair use," I used a Mount Union taken picture of Judge Park delivering her the Constitution Day speech.  It was just a few hours after I published the blog that I received a telephone call from Mount Union officialdom demanding that I take town the photo.

It was apparent to me that either Judge Park or somebody close to her had contacted Mount Union officialdom demanding that they get petty, if not wrong on the law of "fair use," with me.

Believe me, I have plenty of photos of Judge Park from her periodic appearances before the Stark County commissioners whose meeting I cover on a regular basis.

So even though I think I could have prevailed in any legal action had I stuck to using the Mount Union photo as a matter of "fair use," I opted to substitute my own photo of her.

If my surmise as is articulated above is correct, the objection to the use of the Mount Union photo only shows how utterly petty Judge Park or somebody close to her and perhaps at her direction can be.

One more thing.

Think maybe Mount Union officialdom needs to do some vetting before selecting Constitutional Law Day speakers?

As it turns out, the August, 2014 "run afoul of the fundamental law of the U.S. and Ohio" decision has been follow up by a number of 5th District Court of Appeals reversals of Park on a misapplication of constitutional law grounds.

The July 10th decision is a continuation of Park's constitutional law "blind spot."

What should be alarming to Stark Countians, is the "passes" it appears that the Stark County bar including the bench is giving Park.

For the SCPR, this is a no doubter.  Judge Dixieline Park does not belong on the bench of the Stark County Court of Common Pleas.

And yet there she sits.

Local attorney and civic activist Craig T. Conley has been alone in his quest to get Park off the bench.

Having been a active attorney (inactive since June, 2014) for 41 years (and, "no," I never had a problem with Park in my appearances before her as an active practitioner), it is simply unbelievable that Conley pretty much stands alone in courageously and publicly telling the world about Park's deficiencies as a judge.

One of Conley's favorite quotes is:  "The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men[women] to do nothing."

While I do not think Judge Park is evil but merely "incompetent" (opinion based on her being reversed multiple times on constitutional grounds) in applying the "due process of law" provisions of the U.S./Ohio constitutions.   If you are the lady who spent 11 days in the Stark County jail on account of a misapplication of due process of law, I could fully understand it if that lady was to think of Park as being evil.

Not too long ago, in a blog I renewed by call for Park to resign her position.  The focus of that particular blog is on her volatile relationship with probate court employess.

That blog drew this comment.
De Ploribus Uno  May 17 at 2:53 PM 
De Ploribus Uno has left a new comment on your post "PROBATE COURT JUDGE DIXIE PARK: A SIMON LEGREE-ES...":  
Still Carrying that Craig Conley torch eh Martin? 
For the record, I have not exchanged communications with Conley as I prepared to write this blog.

I did miss seeing the decision when it was first published by the court.

But a person other than Conley who knows that The Stark County Political Report is the only Stark County media outlet that has the spunk to critique "performance in office" of Stark County elected officials (and, yes even judges), gave me the "heads up" on this latest infringement of constitutional law by Judge Park.

Let me pause here to say that the Stark County Court of Common Pleas bench is a quality group.  However, it is a puzzlement to me that they appear to be standing idly by as Judge Park with her string of "unconstitutional" reversals taints the quality of justice meted out by the Stark County justice system.

I have discussed Judge Park's administration of the probate court with persons who have had a inside look at the imperious manner in which she runs not hers but the peoples court.

To say such is not a distancing from Conley.  I received the "heads up" late yesterday and have not had the space to be in touch with him for his reaction.

Conley pretty much, among Stark County jurists, stands alone in bringing Park (and other judges) to public accountability.

How sad!

Though I appreciate all that Conley does (whether I agree with him or not on a particular matter), "I know, you (he) knows and everybody knows" that I am my own person and do not take marching orders from anybody.

That is why Stark Countians who want the unvarnished truth read these pages.

Readers do not necessarily agree with what I write, but they know what I write is me speaking for myself and not the handmaiden for anybody else.

De Plorbus Uno holds himself out as a blogger.  He has, so far as I can determine, written two blogs.  One in February and one in April of this year.

But the coward he/she is, De Plorbus Uno writes anonymously.

No such thing for The Stark County Political Report.

Here is a list of previous blogs I have written on Judge Park:
Judge Park needs to do the right thing and step down from the Stark County Probate Court bench.

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