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It galls Donald J. Trump to no end that Hillary Clinton beat him by nearly three (3) million votes in the national popular vote total in last November's presidential election.

Trump generated a bit of FAKE NEWS (on Twitter, of course) in claiming that had there not been massive voter fraud to the tune of some three (3) to five (5) million voters.

Every secretary of state in the nation disputed Trump's "trumped up" claim for their respective states; all 50 of them!

But, of course, Donald is never wrong.

So, at taxpayer expense, by executive order on May 11, 2017, he created the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (PACEI).

Most of us likely thought that PACEI was a typical Trump "big bravado" that would be quickly forgotten and sink into oblivion.

But no so quick!

On Wednesday this past week PACEI vice chairperson and Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach sent a letter to the 50 state secretaries of state asking for registered voter data including birth dates and the last four digits of each voter's social security number.

From a Politico article:

Technical experts say the voter data that the commission wants to assemble would quickly become a single treasure trove for cyber criminals and foreign intelligence services. Identity thieves could use information such as addresses, birth dates and the last four digits of Social Security numbers for digital impersonations, and foreign spies could use it to fill out dossiers on Americans they hope to blackmail.
For many of us who voted in the November, 2016 election (about 57% of registered voters), the choice between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton was "six of one; a half-a-dozen of the other."

Kind of like the Perez/Healy Canton mayoralty Democratic primary race in 2015, no?

"NONE OF THE ABOVE!"  was a ballot option that should have been available to Canton voters.

As it should have been for presidential election voters in November, 2016.

Thomas Bernabei saved the day for Canton in 2015 by abandoning his Democratic Party ties and going "independent."

It was the Healy/Perez WHBC sponsored debate shortly before the primary election that got Bernabei's goat big-time in that it showed him that neither was up to being mayor of Canton for the next four years.

But there was nobody to rescue the nation from the Trump/Clinton presidential sweepstakes fiasco.

That President Trump is behind an effort to put our highly sensitive private information (i.e. date of birth and last four numbers of our social security number) in one central database as the Politico article above warns is something that should prompt a unanimous (including "core" Trump supporters)"oh, no you don't" (now Mr. President you are getting in my backyard) and our answer is: NIMBY.

It is one thing for the president to mess with the national media, his political opponents and others who take exception to him.

It is quite another for him to support an effort to jeopardize our personal security.

The way for us to send that message individually to give him a 100% disapproval rating in polling on that issue!

Moreover, elected public officials from the national level of government through state governments and even local governments must make it clear to Donald J. Trump that he has gone too far.

He asks:  "What do they have to hide?"

Do we have something to hide and expect public officials to secure information that they have required of us?

You bet!

Our input of sensitive information starts for most of us with the Stark County Board of Elections headed by Stark County GOP chair Jeff Matthews who stood alongside Trump when he campaigned in Stark in September, 2016 as did then-Stark County commissioner candidate and Canton Township trustee Bill Smith, Stark County commissioner Richard Regula and Stark County treasurer Alex Zumbar..

Commissioner Janet Creighton would have been at the campaign event but for a conflict in scheduling.

And who can forget state Representative Christina Hagan showing up with her baby in a grandstanding sort of way who has said that she has "bonded" with Ivanka Trump.

Indeed we are and should be trying our best to hide vital information from the criminals out there that are on a non-stop-mission to phish, hack and otherwise to electronically steal pieces of our personal information to put together to steal from us and do other bad things to us, our personal, family and financial security.

To prevent this president from trampling on our privacy rights and possibly subjecting us all to dire personal consequences in order to satisfy his bruised ego at not having won the popular vote, it will take resolute secretaries of states across the 50 states of the United States of America to draw the line of our structure of federalism "check and balance" and refuse to comply with the PACEI request including Ohio's Jon Husted.

He and local officials who openly supported Trump's election should be publicly calling Trump out for his seeming desire to tamper with the integrity our election system in the sense of by centralizing making a central database an inviting target for hackers in next years congressional elections.

Ohioans should be just a little nervous with Secretary of State Jon Husted who is running for governor of Ohio and owns up to being a "deplorable" for supporting Trump which is an over-the-top name-calling of Trump supporters by Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

For her to engage in name-calling, pretty much puts her in the same boat of Donald J. Trump.

Maybe she doesn't, hasn't done it to the degree that "the Donald" has and continues to do, but she has shown she is quite capable of doing so.

So again, these two fit a billing of being "six of one, half-a-dozen of another" and thereby disgrace their running for the highest office in the land.

Hopefully, Secretary Husted hadn't thought through the implications of his identifying with "deplorable."

On his campaign website he says this through a spokesperson:
“These are the foremost campaign organizers from around the state who helped Donald Trump win Ohio by 8-points and become President, who are now all prepared to work hard to make sure Jon Husted is Ohio’s next Governor.”
He says along with some 19 other secretaries of state across America that he will not comply with the PACEI request.

However, some of his campaign statements are worrisome in terms of his wanting to tap into Trump support.

Republican voters should watch Husted's actions very carefully on his actions in response to PACI and if he does not protect us voters and our highly sensitive information, he should be made to pay the political price in May, 2018 in a resounding defeat.

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