Wednesday, July 26, 2017


With all due respect Deputy Cooner/Pathologist Renee Robinson, for The Stark County Political Report's money Treasurer Alex Zumbar is clearly the best value for Stark County taxpayers.

As seen in the graphic above, Zumbar makes a mere $68,275 and sits about #150 among all Stark County's full and part-time employees in terms of how they rank on a "fresh-off-the-presses" listing of the salaries (hourly income) of Stark County employees.

Zumbar who has held office since 2010, more or less, has completely restructured the Stark County treasurer during his time in office.

Restructuring was a critical and immediate need when he took office.

Zumbar's predecessor, Gary Zeigler was cited in 2010 by the Ohio State of Auditor for not having structures, policies, programs and practices in place to have made it more difficult if not impossible for his chief deputy treasurer Vince Frustaci to have stolen what turned out to be upwards of $3 million in Stark County taxpayer funds.

Zumbar not only serves as county treasurer but also as chairman of the Stark County Land Reutilization Corporation (aka "the Land Bank") which was formed in 2012 as a quasi-government entity tasked with dealing with "blighted" properties throughout Stark County.

Another interesting note about the database spreadsheet provided below for readers to search is #4 ranking Stark County employee John Ferrero at $127,560.16 annually is now an official double-dipper inasmuch as he retired immediately before the beginning of his elected narrowly in November, 2016 term that began on or about the first day of January, 2017.

Jeff Jakmides had predicted in the run up to the election that Ferrero would do what he in fact did.

Here is the spreadsheet reference below with the data coming from the Stark County auditor's office as of yesterday (July 25).

  • Note:  The Report eliminated from the list county and other political subdivision employees who received only part of their annual salaries from the Stark County treasury.

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