Friday, February 13, 2009


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has started talking with and assessing the views of candidates for Canton City Council.

This election may be one of the most important in Canton's storied history. As The Report sees it the city is as a crossroads. It seems to have highly deficient leadership these days.

The question becomes this. is there a field of candidates from which voters and draw to change the direction in which Canton is heading?

Between now and May, The Report will be focusing on the Council-at-Large race because there is a potential of 11 candidates for 3 spots - all Democrats.

So far no Republican has gone so far as to even take out a petition. Unless this changes between now and the filing deadline for the primary, whomever survives the Democratic primary will be the the at-large representatives on council.

One of the key issues in this campaign is how each of the candidates see one of Mayor William J. Healy's main campaign themes when in ran for mayor.

Here is candidate Cynthia Vignos view: (CLICK HERE TO SEE CANDIDATE VIGNOS WEBSITE)
What people have to recognize is that "zero tolerance" doesn't mean that crime doesn't take place - it simply means that it won't be tolerated. Personally, I believe that Mayor Healy meant these words to imply that he would do everything within his power to address crime in our city (this is just my interpretation, of course). He is restricted by the limits of his authority, the budget, etc. As we discussed, city council is only capable of so much as well. Obviously, the entire system is going to be more effective and efficient by everyone working together - rather than as adversaries.
Do you agree or disagree with Ms. Vignos?


Anonymous said...

She has a great well informing web site.

Anonymous said...

Come on...let's be real here. The mayor and city council have been more like zero action...not zero tolerance. Crime is on the rise, and Council is more worried about red light cameras and parking fees. Someone needs to get real ...and fast.

Anonymous said...

Vignos is on the ball and has certainly done her homework. I wonder if Cirelli will even put out a campaign sign this election? Cirelli brags she never has to spend a dime on her elections. I hope these new contenders bring her to the realization that she may not be riding Arthur Cirelli's coattail much longer.

Anonymous said...

She is full of bull ....

This is right from "Team Healy"'s website during the campaign - NONE of which he's even ATTEMPTED, much less ACHIEVED!!!!

Target Canton’s Worst Criminal Activity – A Zero-Tolerance Policy

We must make very clear to those who choose to commit violent and other serious offenses that they are not welcome in our community and will be punished severely for their crimes. Drug dealers, gang members, and prostitutes are often the worst of these offenders, for their livelihood depends on breaking the law and hurting others.
Install Surveillance Cameras in High-Crime Areas

In a perfect world, our police department would have the funds necessary to hire as many police officers as needed to ensure that residents and businesses are safe from criminals. In the real world, however, that is not the case. By using surveillance cameras in high-crime areas, we will be able to spread scarce resources over a much greater area to target the drug, gang, and prostitution activities that have been plaguing our neighborhoods.
Enforce Youth Curfews

Gangs are attractive to young people because they seem glamorous and provide a close social network for youth who see no future for themselves in the normal world. Often, these bonds are cemented long after these children should be at home eating dinner or doing their homework – times when it is much easier to engage in criminal activity. By enforcing youth curfews, we will be able to drive a wedge between criminals and the young people they hope to recruit into their gangs by empowering our police officers to enforce laws that are already on the books requiring children to be in their homes at night.
Cash for Guns Program

Many high-crime cities have instituted successful gun exchange programs with the goal of getting guns off of the street and out of the hands of criminals and children. There is no reason that Canton should not join the growing number of cities working to increase neighborhood safety by limiting the number of guns that often fall into the wrong hands.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Babcock is going to clean up on this woman. Babcock will win this race hands down. He will garner over 30 percent of the vote.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha. (Jimmy Babcock?) The City is doomed either way!
Get out while you still can!

Not A Healy Fan said...

I was very excited to see Ms. Vignos has a campaign website. I have been trying to educate myself on the different choies for At-Large and have found very little (meaning NO) information about any of the candidates. The fact that Ms. Vignos has gone above and beyond in this regard is a positive sign of the type of enthusiasm she could bring to Council.

Anonymous said...

Where are the profiles on the rest of the candidates? Or do the same old tired occupants of these council seats think they do no have to tells there plans. Just put them in office-right?

Babcock did not do well in the primary for Mayor or the run off election for State Rep. I can not see him doing well this time either.

Anonymous said...

I agree. why is it so difficult to find ANY information about the city council candidates (with the primary only a few months away)? Vignos' website has been online since she filed her petition in January, and she updates it regularly. If you email a question to her, she will answer it.

Why are the other candidates being so secretive...what are they hiding?

Anonymous said...

As a voter in the City of Canton I want to see web sites from all the candidates.
I agree..what are the rest hiding? Canton City is fed up with the status Quo in City Council. It is time they come forth with their plans to the voters.