Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today's headline in the Akron Beacon Journal: Plusquellic in D.C. urging stimulus action. Mayor pushes for funds to go directly to cities for infrastructure jobs.

Apparently, only Akron mayor Don Plusquellic can find his way to Washingon on the new U.S. Air direct flight that Stark Countians former congressman Ralph Regula and many Canton civic leaders helped get in place.

The Beacon Journal reports that:
Plusquellic and about 20 other mayors met with top advisers in President Barack Obama's administration and with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


The mayor met with U.S. Reps. Betty Sutton and Tim Ryan on Wednesday and will meet with Sen. George Voinovich and Rep. Steve LaTourette today before heading back to Akron this evening.

Plusquellic has said he hopes Akron will receive between $65 million and $100 million in federal stimulus funds.
The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) is this. Why wasn't Stark County's largest city's mayor in Washington pushing for Canton's share?


Anonymous said...

Because he has been to busy meeting with North Canton Mayor David Held about dividing up Jackson Township between each other. He is to concerned with trying to derail the Jackson/Canton Township annexation that will help creat jobs in Stark County to be concerned about going to DC to get federal dollars to creat even more jobs.

When is he going to be asked to step down!

A Resident of Zero Toleranceville said...

Healy will only go to Washington if there is a big party to attend, such as Obama's inauguration. If there is actual work involved then Healy will stay clear!

Anonymous said...

I for one am thoroughly convinced that Stark County has two of the most incompetent mayors in the entire state. David (I just love photo opportunities) Held and William J. (I think I am smarter than everyone) Healy II, it is just unbelievable that residents in either one of these cities would even think of re-electing either one of these men. What will it take for that not to happen? A total and complete collapse of their city budgets! North Canton has gotten there already due to the last 5 years of Held and the other geniuses like Daryl Revoldt that has somehow managed to blow up the biggest economic opportunity North Canton has had in decades with Jackson. At least Healy has a council that can see the forest though the tree and is moving the city forward. But give him some time the lions in his side circus of an administration are just starting to roar!

Anonymous said...

Just like the Governor, Mayor Healy haven't done one thing for the better of Canton/Ohio. These guys rode the "anti-republican" wave and soon they will be riding it back out.
Both campaigned for Hillary/then Obama, hoping to strike a deal to move them to Washington DC. (even Obama saw through them)
Now they "are getting tough" yea right. Too late. Governor, I want my vote back. (I wasn't stupid enough to vote for Healy)
Healy step down, save your family some embarassment!