Friday, February 6, 2009


A prominent theme of Canton Mayor William J. Healy, II this morning on the "Points to Ponder" radio show (WHBC 1480 AM) what that his difficulties stem from the fact he is a "changer" going up against "the way things have always been" in Canton.

Healy cited Albert Einstein's definition of insanity (although he did not attribute the saying to Einstein; one has to wonder why not?) "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" as being an apt description of those opposing him in his administration of Canton city government.

Healy never said specifically identified these "insane" people but by implication of the context of his overall "co-hosting" comments, the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) inferred the following: Canton City Council, the Canton Law Department, Tom Bernabei and to whet readers' imagination; the biggest bug-a-boo of all, Canton's "Good Ol Boys" network.

Is there something to the Healy take or is he being an example of an embattled mayor who has slipped into conspiratorial thinking?


A Resident of Zero Toleranceville said...

I love it. Healy continuously acts like a jackass, doing whatever he wishes without thought to those he impacts, and then when his own political party opposes him it is because they are insane and oppose change. What a joke! So all the problems of the past were Janet Creighton's fault and now all the current problems are Council, Bernabei, etc's fault... anyone else see a pattern here? Ever take responsibility for anything, Mr. Mayor? Ever hear of compromise, Mr. Mayor? Mr. Mayor, listen very carefully... just because someone thinks your ideas are asinine does not necessarily mean they are insane or opposed to POSITIVE change.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Ponder show this morning. The Mayor did a good job explaining his stand on change. Like it or not Healy is very popular with the citizens of Canton. A few disgruntled dems and the loser republicans will not bring him down. HEALY is a winner.

Anonymous said...

What if the mayor IS right and this is a conspiracy? A conspiracy of one made to look like several. A brilliant strategy.

Or worse, an unintended consequence of one or many conspirators that backfires, only to make the mayor stronger and more resilient. Add to that a public perception that the mayor has been the victim of the ultimate political smear, attacks aimed at discrediting him not only publicly, but humiliating and alienating him from his family. The worst fate to befall anyone, publicly or privately.

This mayor may well end up with resounding public support after all.

Just an unbiased observation.

Anonymous said...


Surely, that's a joke. This guy is purely an EMPTY SUIT. He has done NOTHING for Canton.

Please show me FACTS where he has improved ANYTHING in Canton in the past year? Crime rates down? Housing & infrastructure improved? Balanced budget? What? When? Where?

To those in love with an enigma, remember that opinions are NOT facts!!!