Thursday, February 12, 2009


Doug Piero Carey wrote an opinion piece for The Repository which was published on February 10th (CLICK HERE TO READ).

Mr. Carey's family lived at 14th St NW and Louisiana. The pity of this story is that they did try to be part of a solution rather than sit back and gripe about their neighborhood's problem

The former Carey neighborhood did not deteriorate overnight.

What has happened in Canton is what happens in any community when derelict politicians are left unaccountable. While it is fine for The Rep's editors to urge folks from the neighborhoods to run for city council, there are a limited number of seats. The Careys did what citizens should be doing, but to no avail.

Why no results?

Because city council members and mayors over many years have had no "fire in their bellies." They have become "lording it over them" public officials rather than " public servant leaders."

For too many years Canton's elected officials have luxuriated in holding public office. Consequently, they have lost touch with day-in, day-out Cantonians. Now the city is falling down around them.

It is desperation time in The Hall of Fame City. A once proud city which President William McKinley called home.

A besieged mayor. The mayor and council fighting with one another. Far more houses to be demolished than money to do with.

Why is Canton is this place?

A lack of leadership, that's it. Not just Healy and current council members. But going back at least to Creighton, Watkins and Purses and the folks who staffed council during those mayoralty administrations.

Good politicians, all. But miserably inept leaders!


Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Janet Creighton tried to bring the city some dignity. She was seen around town all the time. She was even seen picking up litter when others were laughing at her.
She always put the City first.
Now look what we have!
I regret purchasing a home in Canton City. Now I'm stuck with it and the value is dropping by the minute.

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Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Crighton did NOTHING to address the real problems in Canton which lies in the neighborhoods. The remodeling of downtown such as Court Ave. was started by Mayor Watkins not Creighton. Picking up trash does not a good Mayor make. Healy has only been in office one year and inherited this mess. Why blame hime for problems that have been brewing for 20 years? Funny Creighton drew most of her supporters from outside the City. Her looe proved to me she never really connected with the people who actually live in Canton. She was a foul mouthed uneducated pawn for Bush. That's it. Without help from the White House she would have not narrowly squeaked by Smuckler.