Tuesday, September 21, 2010


With it looking more and more like Republican John Kasich is set to unseat sitting Governor Ted Strickland from office and, less likely, but not out of the question that former Wadsworth mayor Jim Renacci will be sending Congressman John Boccieri packing from his digs in Washington, Stark County politicos have started discussing whom, from Stark County GOPdom may be tracking to both Columbus and Washington to serve these potential November 2nd winners.

An example of the speculation is North Canton Council President Daryl Revoldt.

The SCPR has learned that several North Canton councilpersons are saying that Revoldt is a prime candidate to be leaving North Canton government for a post in either a Kasich administration or as chief-of-staff for Renacci in the eventuality that he gets elected.

Revoldt was a chief-of-staff for former Congressman Ralph Regula, ending his stint for Regula in 2001.  Revoldt also has important State of Ohio Republican ties from the years he spent as Region 9 economic development director for the Robert Taft administration.

The Report did contact Revoldt who told yours truly that he has absolutely not made any contacts with either the Kasich or Renacci camps.

He tells The Report that he is happy with his current situation (political and employment wise) and is not looking to make a change.

So if Revoldt does end up in either Columbus or Washington it will be because Kasich or Renacci tell him that they need him to help get them up and running as a newly elected official.

The Stark County politicos who are talking about Revoldt opting for bigger and better things (especially the potential Kasich gig) point to two factors:  one, he has a daughter living in Columbus and, two, Revoldt's wife dearly loves Columbus.

Revoldt tells The Report that he is flattered by the talk among Stark County's political talking heads but that for him to leave North Canton, it would take a very significant position that either Kasich or Renacci would have to push on the basis of "your public service in this job is sorely needed."

So will Revoldt be leaving North Canton on the outcome of the Kasich/Strickland or Boccieri/Renacci races?

Perhaps not likely, but certainly within the realm of possibility.

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