Sunday, September 26, 2010


The political flyer collage above bring back memories of campaigns past.  American political history is rich in combative, nasty, positive and high-minded political flyers.

This year in Stark County an Ohio Democratic Party flyer put out in support of 50th District state representative challenger Stark County Commissioner Todd Bosley, depicts incumbent Ohio Representative Todd Snitchler (Republican - Lake) as being a rat has drawn a complaint to the Ohio Elections Commission (September 24th) filed by out-of-district Snitchler supporter Elizabeth Griffing.

Overlooked in the Bosley/Snitchler hubbub are the flyers being put out by the Boccieri/Renacci campaigns in their 16th Congressional District fight.  

First, the SCPR presents a flyer by Republican Jim Renacci who is challenging Democrat incumbent John Boccieri trying to capitalize on national polls showing more Americans dislike Obamacare than like it.

Second, a Boccieri ad touting the Boccieri energy plan while dissing Renacci and somehow tying him to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The stakes are high in the Boccieri/Renacci race, perhaps, control of the the United States House of Representatives.

Look for the flyers to get even nastier.

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