Thursday, September 30, 2010


He may not have a lot of political experience, unlike his general election opponent Alex Zumbar (Republican - Alliance) but he is showing signs of being a savvy non-political politician.

Ken Koher (Democrat - Bethlehem Township) who was sworn in as interim Stark County treasurer a little over a week ago (September 20th), appeared before Stark County commissioners yesterday at the regular weekly meeting in his initiative to present a weekly report to commissioners and their weekly public meeting forum in a overture to Stark Countians that a Koher treasury administration is going to:
  • aggressively reform operations at the Stark treasury, and
  • to be transparent to the Stark County public
The Report is told that Koher in his first day in office discovered that under his predecessors the procedures in place in the office were some 10 years behind times.

Undaunted, he is moving ahead to correct the problems that he sees but that his predecessor Gary D. Zeigler, up to his removal from office on August 23rd by county commissioners, seemed to say did not exist. 

Stark Countians lost $2.96 million most of which ($2.46 million) was admitted by former Chief Deputy Vince Frustaci (sentenced to 10 years in federal prison) to have been stolen by him.  Moreover, federal Judge John Adams is on record as saying he believes Frustaci took the entire amount.

Stark County Prosecutor John Ferrero is seeking recovery of the missing money under the authority of Ohio statutory and case law.

Commissioner Steve Meeks said in yesterday's meeting that Koher's commitment to keep the Stark County public updated on his progress at rectifying his perceived deficiencies in the operations of the Stark treasury "is a breath of fresh air."

Indeed it is and Stark County's other officials would do well to help restore the Stark County public's confidence in local government by following the lead of Koher.

But don't hold your breath that they will!

Here is a written copy of his report detailing changes he has made in one week; a video of his commissioners' meeting appearance is included in this blog at the end.

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