Tuesday, October 27, 2015



Another case of William J. Healy, II being counterproductive?

The SCPR thinks so.

The Report has learned that a few weeks ago Healy found himself on a one-on-one situation with Canton's highly respected law director Joe Martuccio.

Being the numbskull yours truly thinks Healy is in terms of his egoistic arrogance, The Report understands that in that environment he applied pressure on Martuccio to endorse him for a third term.

Well!  That was never, ever going to happen.

Give me a break Healy!

Generally, the SCPR thinks that Healy is one of Stark County's savviest politicians.

But in this particular instance Healy demonstrated that even a highly skilled politico can get stupid.

The way the SCPR sees it, Healy's arrogance got the best of him and he put the political squeeze on Martuccio.

It seems that Healy miscalculated on Martuccio probably on the basis of his knowing that the law director is - the SCPR thinks - Stark County's most sensitive and caring officeholder.

The most Healy could hope for out of Martuccio was for him to be "officially" neutral.  Even if he maintained "for the record" neutrality, anybody who knows the personal, interactive history of Joseph Martuccio and Thomas Bernabei would also know that "in his heart" Martuccio was a Bernabei supporter all the way.

But of course for the "your either for me or against me" Healy, there is no place for neutrality.  Moreover, he will finesse, cajole or do whatever it takes in his unceasing quest to make a William J. Healy, II supporter out of everybody.

Some readers of the SCPR may think because of the many critical blogs that yours truly has written about Healy in his capacity as mayor of Canton that there is a personal dislike as a if not the motivating factor.

Such is not the case.

Over the 12 years of so, yours truly has had many convivial conversations with Healy in exploring the depths of the world of politics at all levels of American politics and government which of course means local, state and national politics.

Unfortunately for this incumbent mayor, he lives in a world of his own making.

Healy lives in a fictionalized world (a notion the SCPR borrowed from a source) like Mr. Rogers' Never, Never Land.  A fantasy world that does not square up with reality.

How can a guy with that approach be an overall effective mayor?

Oh! sure he has had some successes.  But so has anybody who has sat in the Canton mayor's chair.

Only a spinmeister like Healy make his limited successes into the grandiose stuff he is claiming in his campaign literature.

His approach to Law Director Martuccio was self-defeating.

As a consequence, this political "cat" (Healy) may have run himself out of political life.

For any Cantonians who have mixed sentiments about who to vote for, the highly respected Martuccio endorsement should seal the deal for Candidate Bernabei.

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