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There is no doubt about it.

The receipt on Thursday by some 4500 Canton voting households of a mailer generated by a suspected non-de plume (Duncan Edwards [Edwards]) and at least on the surface a third party to the  mayor's race between incumbent Democratic mayor Wiliam J. Healy, II and "found new religion err politics" opponent, namely; "independent" Thomas M. Bernabei had to rock the campaign of the mayor who is seeking a third term.

The mailer (LINK) is filled with a number of allegations about the personal conduct of the mayor.

The Report's take is that Edwards in creating and sending of the mailer wanted to be absolutely sure that Healy is not elected to a third term.

The SCPR long ago declared this race to be over (LINK).

So why the overkill?

The claim is that mayor must be made an example of to protect women in the workplace.

The timing of the release of the mailer is such that one has to believe that it was no mere coincidence that it occurred week.

Whether or not the Bernabei camp or at least some supporters of Bernabei knew of the impending release before it happened is a proper question raised by Mayor Healy and his supporters.

Should it turn out that the Bernabei folks knew and yet denied knowing, then Bernabei, if elected, will start with a blight on his otherwise sterling ethical record as a public official.

The problem with "last minute political releases" is that they could be completely bogus but the object of the attack has no effective way to deal with it in the waning days of a political campaign.

So if the perpetrator(s) of the accusative mailer has been sitting on this story for months (a media interview of Edwards' apparent attorney Craig T. Conley seems to indicate such) and if Edwards is operating from a position of "principle," how is it that the timing of the publication to Canton voters was timed to be days before final voting day (early voting has been in progress since October 6th)  which happens on this coming Tuesday.

The Healy camp undoubtedly is upset with local media for picking up on the story.

But can anybody imagine either the SCPR, The Repository or let's say WHBC's Ron Ponder Show not picking up on it?

Who would take any of the foregoing seriously again when it comes to political reporting and analysis going forward?

The Healyites likely focuses on the SCPR on having some particular vendetta on the mayor.

To think such is to completely ignore the plethora of Stark County political subdivision politicos and officials who yours truly has written prolifically on over the nearly eight years of the existence of this blog.

While Healy vehemently denies that there is any substance whatsoever to the guts of the allegations, we all know that such is generally the reaction of politicos who have the political misfortune to have similar accusations made against them.

So Healy is left with the standard fare when the like of the Edwards' mailer surfaces.

"Sue the bastards!" is the typical response.

Only problem with that is that once litigation is filed,  "the genie is let out of the bottle" and who knows what is in the offing for the person suing and those politically/governmentally associated with him?

Hence the SCPR's  play on "Pandora's box" out of Greek mythology.

As the SCPR has written many, many times since The Report came into existence (March, 2008), a mere 2-1/2 months after Healy took office
  • on defeating Republican incumbent mayor Janet Creighton (now interesting enough, an ardent Bernabei supporter) 
about Healy escapades during his time in office, the baseline question he and his legal team undoubtedly are considering is this.
  • In filing of a lawsuit which brings with it the inherent right of any party to the suit to make a gut wrenching examination into any relevant material that may impact on the controversy joined in the filing,  will it end up with much more coming out than the initiator ever imagined in his wildest dreams?
The Report thinks depositions and other discovery devices done under oath of Healy and other Canton city  and county officials officials including police officials could reveal fascinating details about some of the Healy's past scrapes which seemed to get brushed to the sideline when they occurred.

If Healy wins, notwithstanding the last minute mailing, even the normally (in the opinion of the SCPR) vindictive and recriminatory mayor will likely pass on filing litigation.

If he loses on Tuesday, what does he have to lose in pursuing a lawsuit in an endeavor to vindicate himself on the current controversy?

Perhaps, plenty.

Even if he is able to show the Edwards' mailer to be partially or totally bogus, what about all those other skeletons that a number of Stark County government leaders think are hidden away in Healy's political closet?

Though the SCPR thinks that William J. Healy, II is Stark County most skilled politician in that he seems to have a knack of maneuvering his way out what The Report thinks are "self-inflicted" problems, there is a certain quality about him that yours truly shows him to be a "political" klutz.

Because of his escape artist skills, the SCPR has come to using the expression "Healy is the envy of the proverbial cat of 9 lives."

Getting back to the discussion of this blog, at the end of the matter, the question is:

Would the filing of a lawsuit lead to the unleashing of the mayor's political demons and lead to a media labeling of the suit as being "Healy's Pandora Box?"

One final thought.

In yours truly's 73 years of life experience, folks like William J. Healy, II usually, in the end, self-destruct - all the while - blaming others for his own obvious short comings and his failure to deal with them to remediation!!!

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