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Here is Healy's comment on his campaign Facebook page:

The Repository reported last night that Tom Bernabei denied that he or his campaign had anything to do with the mailer.

However, a SCPR, source who is unwilling to be identified,  just shared with the SCPR that the source thinks that is is reasonable and plausible for Healy to think that Bernabei not being entirely forthcoming on the matter.

The source thinks that Bernabei, while not likely to have participated in the creation of the mailer himself, might have had a "heads up" (The Report expression not the source's) on the imminence of a negative on Healy mailer being sent out.

Earlier in the week before the SCPR had access to the actual mailer, yours truly contacted a person close to the Bernabei campaign who denied any knowledge that a mailer was in the mail.  But this source is not as far as the SCPR knows an official part of the Bernabei campaign.

Healy in his comment does put on Bernabei a challenge "to condemn and disavow."

The question now is:  Will he?


Here is a response to the Healy threat to sue from the mailer/flyer producer going under the name Duncan Edwards (at his initiative; not solicited by the SCPR):

Duncan Edwards <>  Today at 4:06 AM

To:  Martin Olson

If Healy follows through and sues then I will file a countersuit and donate any proceeds to a charity that support women who have been sexually harassed.


An area media outlet is reporting that Healy denies all allegations made the the flyer (see below) mailed to some 4500 Canton households late last week which began being received yesterday.  Moreover, he is reported as saying that he plans on filing an Ohio Elections Commission complaint and lawsuit against the person(s) "responsible for the matter."



The mailer has reached some recipients

Duncan Edwards <>  Today at 1:48 PM

To:  Martin Olson

She has not been named because she is afraid that it will make her look bad.  She is the victim.  He has some people contacting her to intimidate her.  If he denies that these thing happened then I will release to you his text messages to her. 


Do they (Martuccio, Perez and Griffin [see below]) know something?

(Source of photos:  Bernabei Facebook page)

Within the past few days they all jumped on the "independent" Bernabei for Mayor bandwagon.

With "independent" Richard Hart and Ward 1 councilman Greg Hawk, and Councilman Bill Smuckler having been on board, the addition of retiring Ward 3 Councilman Jim Griffin to the "Bernabei for Mayor" brings to four the number of councilpersons supporting the challenger to incumbent Democratic mayor William J. Healy, II who is seeking a third term.

The worrisome thing for the Healy campaign is that Martuccio, Perez and Griffin are all solid Democrats.

So why are they jumping on board which appears more and more to be a Bernabei express which is likely to produce (the SCPR thinks) at least a comfortable victory for the sitting former Democratic party elected county commissioner?

The Report thinks that word has leaked out and perhaps some of the new endorsers have learned about (i.e. seen) the content of a  "highly negative to Healy" flyer that was mailed out last Friday to over 5,000 likely Canton voters by not the Bernabei campaign but by a third party.

The SCPR has a copy of the flyer ready to publish but has agreed to withhold publication until one confirmed Canton household has received the flyer.

The Report has obtained a copy of the mailing list and has confirmed that Mayor Healy himself is on the list.

So it appears to the SCPR that it is only a matter of time until the flyer starts showing up in the mailboxes of Canton voters.

The question is this:  Is today, the day?

But the ultimate question is:  Can the man the SCPR has dubbed "the man who is the envy of the proverbial cat of 9 lives" politically survive the allegation(s) contained in this flyer?

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