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Here it is less that 30 days before general election day in Stark County and it appears that Jackson Township trustee James N. Walters isn't so much as lifting a finger to get re-elected.

Jackson Township, Stark County's largest - population wise (estimated to be about 41,000 currently) - township; the home of Belden Village Mall is hugely competitive to county seat Canton as being Stark County's leading commercial center.

By comparison, Stark next most populated township is Plain Township with some 35,000 residents.

The SCPR has looked high and low for a Walters campaign website or Facebook page but all to no avail.

Although The Report does not get to the heart of Jackson Township very often, travels do bring this blogger through parts of the township but nary one campaign political has passed into vision.

It could be that Walters is biding his time and is on the cusp of action.

Just as likely - knowing Walters as the SCPR does going back to before he blew it in a campaign for Stark County commissioner in the 2010 general election - is that Walters is playing the role of the arrogant politician who thinks he is a fixture in Jackson Township politics and government and therefore has no need to go through the unpleasantness of a political campaign.

If cockiness is in full play with Walters, it could be that he is flirting with becoming "the political upset" of the 2015 election cycle.

Like Humpty Dumpty of nursery rhyme lore, Walters may be in a political free fall from which it is too late for recovery.

While the SCPR thinks a Walters upset is unlikely, it seems that nearly every election brings a surprise or two to the political pundits.  A sort of "nobody saw this coming phenomenon."

And perhaps the Jackson Township trustee race is the 2015 Stark County election surprise?

The ingredients might be subtly falling into place to spontaneously make for a surprise.

Let's see.  What is the biblical phrase?

"Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall?" (Proverbs 16:18)


And that could be what is happening with Trustee Walters this election cycle.

Taking advantage of Walters' seeming lackadaisical approach is lifelong Jackson Township resident Troy Gardner.

And there are a number of issues for Gardner to capitalize upon in his quest to unseat Walters who next to Fiscal Officer Randy Gonzalez (a former Stark County Democratic Party chairman) who many think "really" runs Jackson Township is probably the main player among the board of three trustees with the other two being John Pizzino and Hawke.

Here are a few links to SCPR blogs detailing some of those issues:

A few days ago, the SCPR received a link to a campaign promotion video from the Gardner campaign.


Gardner however is no "Johnnie Come Lately" in his effort to unseat Walters.

On June 15th, he posted a campaign video on YouTube which indicates that he understands that it is an uphill climb to unseat an incumbent officeholder such as Trustee Walters.

While on occasion the SCPR will link up to or publish self-promotional political campaign materials, only on condition of doing a critical analysis of the material or balanced by a direct interview of the candidate.

Yesterday, the SCPR sat down with Gardner and did this one-on-one interview:  (12 minutes)

And here is what the Canton Area League of Women Voters (a non-partisan; non-endorsing civic voter information organization) published in its annual election guide about Gardner and his opponent incumbent trustee James N. Walters:  (type size and color of text added for emphasis)
Troy E. Gardner 3090 Wickford Ave NW, Canton OH 44708 
Age: 46 Education: Jackson High School 1987, The Community College of the Air Force 1990 (Chanute AFB; IL, Clark AB;PI) 
Occupation: Self Employed General Contractor 
Qualifications: As a life long resident of Jackson Township I have a vested interest in my community. And my ability to be a true voice of the people by putting the communities concerns before my own personal opinion. 
Answer: Through research and compromise between the residents and the developer. But ultimately, the Trustee should be in favor of its constituents as he/she has been “entrusted” by the voters of its community.
James N. Walters Candidate did not respond.

"James N. Walters Candidate did not respond."

What was that biblical saying?

Oh, yes.

"Pride goeth before ...  a fall."

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