Monday, October 12, 2009


Over the weekend, yours truly watched Public Broadcasting's "State of Ohio."

The discussion:

Issue 2.

It's an amendment to the Ohio Constitution forming a body to set standards for the slaughter of animals in Ohio.

Morover, it is a pre-emptive political strike to stop Humane societies from imposing their versions of "humane" slaughter on the meat and farming industries.

Now we all know that Republican Todd Snitcher of the 50th House District is an avowed "limited government" advocate.

At least that what he says.

But Issue 2 suggests that he is a "selective" (we won't call him a hypocrite) limited government advocate.  For in the opinion of the SCPR, the whole Issue 2 process was "an old fashioned power politics using government to advance my interest proceeding."

Critics of the process detail how the Ohio Farm Bureau rushed this proposed consitutional amendlment through the Ohio General Assembly in the space of about of week.

Remember, Kirk Schuring (Republican - Ohio Senate - 29th), who very likely supports Ohio Farm Bureau initiatve, spending upwards of two years to get the Ohio General Assembly to place his "fix Ohio school funding" initiative on the ballot?  In the end, he failed.  Getting the Ohio General Assembly to approve putting a constitutional amendment is a tall order.  Schuring can attest to that.

But apparently not for the Ohio Farm Bureau.  The Bureau can even get the sanctimonious Snitchler to violate a "holy grail" (limited government) of his political reason for being.

The critics of the Farm Bureau power grab mainly talk about the "overkill," perhaps, even an abuse, of the exercise of government power that the Farm Bureau and its allies (i.e. the likes of "limited government advocate Todd Snitchler") have played out on Issue 2.

The SCPR sees how Snitchler is big on the rhetoric for his "let's be non-partisan" and "let's limit government" stances.  However, he proves that "talk is cheap" by his actions that countervail his words.

The SCPR respects folks who mean what the say.

Todd Sntichler is proving more and more every day that he does not mean what he says.

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