Sunday, October 25, 2009


A phenomenon that the SCPR notices all the time is the frequency with which elected offcials ignore their constituents.

In Stark County you have Commissioner Pete Ferguson, Congressman John Boccieri, former state representative John Hagan, just to name a few.

To yours truly's way of thinking, this in and of itself should be a basis for not voting for an official or former official, the next time the person is before the voters.

Why would elected officials ignore a voter?

Because the official doesn't want to hear the message, that's why!

These officials want to hear what they want to hear and when a consituent is not compliant, then the likes of Ferguson, Boccieri and Hagan shut them down.  But Pete, John and John do not turn down the money that the critical constituents pay towards their public paycheck.

One Stark Countian who has been abused hugely by many Stark elected officials is Chris Borello of the Concerned Citizens of Lake Township.

Chris has been working tirelessly since the early 1980s to get a clean up of the toxic industrial chemical waste site located about 1/2 mile south of the center of Uniontown in northern Stark County.

Every Stark County should rally to Chris on the issue of being paid attention to by elected officials.  Because their ignoring her yesterday and today presages their ignoring each of us tomorrow.

Here is an e-mail that Borello sent to U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown yesterday.  Notice she did not copy John Boccieri.  Apparently, she has been blown off by Boccieri numerous times.  No surprise to the SCPR on this count.

The emai:

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