Friday, October 2, 2009


Anyone who is aware of Canton politics, knows that the city is in a nightmare of a financial mess.

Mayor Healy and Council want to blame the overall economy.  But should voters permit them to?

The SCPR says no!

An example of the fiscally irresponsible things that are going on in Canton is obvious in the observation of a Stark County elected official in a position to know.

This official says that Canton on save $1 million to $1.5 million a year if Canton Council quit subsidizing trash collection and had private trash haulers come in a take the residents trash away.

Democrats have run the Hall of Fame City forever.  So it seems.

As we have already seen, Plain Township and some other Stark County government local entities have seen the economic decline coming and have adjusted.

Not Canton.


Could it be because that Democrats hold every single office in Canton and they have not felt the heat of political competition and therefore see no political consequence in not looking ahead?

To the SCPR, Kraus (8th Ward Councilman),  7th Ward Councilman Barton and 9th Ward Councilman Horner should be voter targets on November 3rd.

These are the only spots open to voters to inject the benefits of political competition into Canton government and thereby begin the process of reining in the out-of-control Democrats.

Canton Democrats, Republicans and independents in these wards should vote for anyone but a Democrat in Wards 7, 8 and 9.  

The SCPR admits that this recommendation might be viewed as a bit "knee-jerk."

The financial mess is so bad in Canton that voters defeating three incumbents (one appointed [Horner]) is essential to get the attention of the totally-dominant Democrats and, specifically, would be powerfully effective to send Council president Schulman, the majority leader (whoever he/she is as current leader Casar is not running for re-election), Deputy Majority Leader Dougherty and the rest of  Council Democrats a strong message:  GET THE CITY OF CANTON FINANCIAL HOUSE - IN ORDER, NOW!

The fact of the matter is that Kraus (8th), Barton (7th) have been part of the out-of-control spending side of the problem and therefore are to blame them, in part.

However, Horner is new.  Shouldn't voters cut him some slack?

No,  he should go too.

He got the appointment to succeed Joe Carbenia because he has the confidence of the Democrat Council establishment and cannot be relied on to challenge them to shape finances up for the city.

Here are statements of the candidates for the 8th Ward seat on fixing the finances of Canton (with SCPR commentary):  From The Repository published  "Candidate Profiles."

KRAUS (incumbent Democrat)
3. What would you do to solve the financial problems facing the city now and in the future?

I have just been put on the finance committee with the passing of former Councilman (Joe) Carbenia. I was the person who sponsored pulling city cars going home, cell phones that aren’t needed, cutting off positions that aren’t needed. In the future, we have to live within our means and increase the revenue without overburdening our citizens, work to bring in new business and help businesses that are already here to stay here.

Kraus all of a sudden gets religion ("we have to live within our means")?

And, as a SCPR reader e-mailed yours truly today:
 "To make sure I understand his comments, he wants to raise taxes ["and increase the revenue without overburdening our citizens"] and service rates, ignore the incredible overhead on the 8th floor (Mayor’s office) and not address “fiscal due diligence” to explore expense cuts and other cost savings.
 Morover, the reader made this telling point:
"The city cannot balance a budget – why would we ever even think of giving them more money to mismanage?"

 BUTTERWORTH (Republican candidate)
3. What would you do to solve the financial problems facing the city now and in the future?

I am ready and prepared to ask the hard questions and demand the hard answers. A balanced budget is crucial to properly address the financial problems of the city. I will demand a performance audit which will independently show the areas of the city budget that need to be addressed. There also needs to be a unified front to solve the financial problems of Canton. I will work hard to promote cooperation between city departments, the mayor and City Council to effectively make balancing the budget a priority. I will NEVER vote to increase the city income tax. The city of Canton cannot continue to try to balance its budget on the backs of its taxpayers through tax and rate increases.

A performance audit?  A balanced budget? 

Of course!

HAAS (independent candidate)

3. What would you do to solve the financial problems facing the city now and in the future?

1) Fight to trim city government organizationally and fiscally to create a more efficient and effective government. By specializing the city government to perform its core responsibilities — safety and infrastructure — city government will increase its competence in those vital areas, while leaving other city projects and programs (spray parks, civic center, etc.) to nonprofit organizations and business. This will make Canton a safer place while allowing the power of business and competition to work on the non-vital programs Canton currently manages. 2) Push to create an environment that nourishes education by working closely with local school districts to ensure their needs are consistently met and actively encouraging collaborative projects between local colleges and local and non-local businesses. While the city does not have oversight of education, the city can aid in the development of local school districts by working closely with its leaders and being attentive to its needs. In our city as well as others, college-business collaborations have reliably shown to be very beneficial to both parties and the area the collaboration occurs. 3) Propose the city implement a specific strategy, that has been shown to be effective, to investigate and implement incentives, programs, and policies to make the city’s activities more sustainable, efficient, and also environmentally friendly.


Who can quarrel with Haas' program.  Safety and infrastrucure coupled with producing a well educated workforce is are the core responsibilities of local government.


Either Butterworth or Haas will do.  Just don't send Karl "Butch" Kraus back to Canton City Council.

You talk about a "wrong" message?"

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