Thursday, October 29, 2009


Sitting trustees Lisa Shafer and Mike Lynch (up for re-election) have been the major reasons that Nimishillen local government is in a mess and therefore they ought to be replaced.

Shafer, Lynch and Gress (not up this election cycle) fight among themselves and get very little done constructively for the township.  They say this is "democracy-in-action" in the sense of being "due dliberation."

The SCPR says these trustees are working out ego problems at the Nimishillen public's expense.

Moreover, the trustees, led by Shafer and Lynch, have abrogated their duty to be in charge on the 9-1-1 consolidation issue and have allowed Fire Chief Rich Peterson to use township resources, in terms of keeping afloat a sinking ship of CenCom (the Nimishillen fire dispatching center - CenCom only dispatches for a "one-man" police department) in what appears Peterson's quest to look out for himself and his dispatching career.

When Peterson lost out on the 9-1-1 project manager job to former Canton services director Joseph Concatto (Creighton administration), he decided to become a part of problem (fragmented 9-1-1 services) rather than part of the solution.

From his perspective, Peterson's conduct is understandable.  But for the trustees to let "the tail wag the dog" is unexcusable and irresponsible.

The SCPR's top pick is St. Luke's (North Canton non-profit adult care facility) Chief Financial Officer Ron Derry.  As readers will see in the video (see below) that accompanies this blog, Derry is thoughtful and purposeful in identifying township problems and suggesting solutions.

As a second choice, the SCPR goes for former trustee Russ Goffus.

Goffus, though, is a wild card.

Goffus got into a "knock-down, drag-out" fight with former Nimishillen trustee Todd Bosley before the latter became county commissioner.  Many blame Bosley for the trouble.  And, they may well be correct.  But The Report's quarrel with Goffus is providing Bosley with the opportunity to be opportunistic.

The question:  Should township voters be wary of Goffus' judgment?

The SCPR chooses to take the tack that Goffus has learned from his prior "unwise" (in the opinion of The Report) behavior and that he can and will be a good relief (along with Derry) from the Shafer/Lynch era of discord and irresponsiblitiy.

He is the man that ought to be at township hall because of his thoroughgoing knowledge of the history, present operations and future viability of Nimishillen's dispatch facility (CenCom).  Goffus has a unique background knowledge on 9-1-1 and strength of personality to rein Peterson in.  And he needs to make this first priority, if he is elected.

James Anderson would also be an asset on the 9-1-1/CenCom/Peterson matter.  Again, the video presented below shows Anderson's knowledge and foresight on the matter.

Both Derry and Goffus are strong in working with Louisville for the betterment, in terms of local government efficiencies and quality of services, of both Nimishillen Township and Louisville.

Shafer, Lynch, Anderson and Jordan seem to the SCPR to be weak, if not oppositional, on this matter of local intergovernmental cooperation.

If Nimishillen seeS fit to elect Derry, Goffus or Anderson as trustees to replace Shafer and Lynch, then Nimishillen can make a quick recovery to once again become one of Stark County's most respected township governments.

See the following video synopsis of the candidates' (challenging and incumbent) presentation at the Nimshillen Grange on October 22nd.

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