Monday, July 12, 2010


REVISED & REPUBLISHED 07/12/2010 AT 12:14 PM

The SCPR has learned that the first political debate of the 2010 political season has been set up between state Representative Todd Snitchler (incumbent Republican of Lake Township) and his challenger Todd Bosley (currently Democrat Stark County commissioner.

A debate has been scheduled for July 28, 2010 beginning at 10:00 AM on 1480WHBC on Ron Ponder's "Points to Ponder" daily (Monday through Friday) radio talkshow.

Commissioner Bosley says that he is aiming for four debates with Snitchler:  one this month, another in August and then filling out the hoped for four with one each in September and October.

The SCPR puts this race in the "too close to call" realm, but there is a poll out showing Bosley with a low double digit lead.  However, there are about 10% undecideds according to the poll.

Snitchler's advantage is that this district is a gerrymandered Republican seat designed to be "safe" for Republican candidate.  Troublesome for Snitchler is the knowledge that Bosley came out of nowhere to defeat Republican Richard Regula (son of the former congressman) in 2006 for the commissioner's seat that Bosley currently holds.

Normally, incumbents are not that willing to debate challengers.  But if the Snitchler camp knows about the poll numbers, that could be the reason for this representative's willingness to engage Bosley on the SCPR and in other Stark County venues.

The SCPR believes this race for the 50th Ohio District could decide which political party controls the Ohio House of Representatives.  The Report expects record levels of campaign fundraising and spending between now and November.

The host for the July debate will be well-liked and respected radio talk show personality Ron Ponder.

Ponder and WHBC render outstanding public service to the Stark County public in providing Stark County government leaders and politicians with a forum in which to explain their actions and motivations in governing, and to take questions from Ponder and his radio audience that probe and test their answers.

This week the SCPR has gotten Bosley and Snitchler into a "blog debate" of sorts focused somewhat on who better represents the interests of everyday Stark County working men and women.

The last communication by Bosley on the blog challenged Snitchler to an immediate (in the sense of being held sometime in the remaining part of July.  Bosley had indicated to The Report that Ponder was ready, willing and able to provide the WHBC/Ponder "Points to Ponder" as an available forum.

Snitchler and Bosley both tell The Report that they have been in contact with Ron and he has confirmed that he is willing the host a debate.  The SCPR understands that each candidate is putting together a list alternative available dates so that they and Ponder can coordinate a date compatible with the schedule of all three.

A Stark County Political Report "tip of the hat" to Ron Ponder and 1480 WHBC!

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