Saturday, July 31, 2010


Ron Ponder who is a talk show host on WHBC-1480 with his program "Points to Ponder" very effectively managed a debate between incumbent Republican state Representative Todd Snitchler and challenger and Stark County Commissioner Todd Bosley and thereby provided Stark Countians who live in the 50th Ohio House District (Marlboro, Nimishillen, Pike, Sandy, Sugarcreek, Perry [part], Tuscarawas, Lawrence and Lake Townships) with a good look at the varying views of the two Todds.

Ponder and his producer and  protege at WHBC, Stephon King, dubbed the debate as "The Battle of the Todds."

Ponder and WHBC are doing a tremendous public service for the Stark County public in doing this debate as well as arranging for a number of debates between Stark County candidates in other races.   Moreover, Ponder is working on putting together appearances by the likes of Governor Strickland and his Republican opponent John Kasich, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman and Democrat Lee Fisher among others.

Today's video of the "Battle of the Todds" focuses on their plans to create jobs in Ohio.

Snitchler says:
  • Ohio needs to correct its unfavorable tax structure to attract entrepreneurs and companies.
  • Ohio needs to reduce its regulatory burden of businesses.
  • More generally, state legislators need to work on creating a climate that attracts business and jobs.  Legislators, he says, do not create jobs.
  • Multiple bills designed collectively to attack the jobs shortage problem (presumably introduced by Republicans in the Ohio House) need to get a fair consideration.  More over he said that there is "no silver bullet" to create 500,000 jobs.
Bosley says:
  • Snitchler has mediocre ideas and no idea how to market his ideas.
  • Ohio needs to consider implementing an aggressive tax incentive program in which companies would not be taxed at all during the first year of coming to Ohio.
  • That the 50th district is languishing.
Here is the video, you be the judge of who states the better case.

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