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UPDATE#3:  07/06/2010

Secrest follow up e-mail:

I was not aware of the event before I left for New Mexico. I left June 17th. Being in the back country for ten days leaves you out of cell phone and certainly Internet. So I didn't know about the event to send anyone as a serogate. (sic)
It is not a snub towards labor or economic development. Recovering out economy is the number one issue in my campaign.
UPDATE#2:  07/05/2010 AT 12:45 PM

The Report has received an email from well known Stark County Republican LaVera Guillan.

Here is the email:
In response to today's blog.  Do you not think there are more than one ways to deal with a stiuation (sic) like the use of local labor than jumping up and down like a child.  I stood with Dan in the past in a protest in Columbus and at that time felt that other means of protesting would suit me better.  Yes I am a republican (sic), but I stand with the unions in many situations. 

UPDATE: 07/05/2010 AT 12:15 PM

The SCPR received this e-mail from Travis Secrest who is the Republican candidate for Ohio's 52nd Ohio House District. It is posted in its entirety below:

To answer Secrest's question:  why didn't the SCPR email him before posting the blog?  

His reason or any reason as to why he was not at the "Justice for Local Workers" really begs the question.  He could have sent a surrogate and had him/her check in with the leadership of the event so that the emcee would have identified the representative as being there for Travis Secrest.

The same answer applies for any other elected official or candidate who wasn't there to support this valiant effort to get work for Cantonians and Stark Countians.

Here is the Secrest email:

"Martin Olson" <>

Good morning.

I wanted to e-mail you regarding a recent post questioning why I was not present at the Mills Park Industrial Park Rally.

For the past two weeks I was serving as an adviser to a contingent of boys who attended Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico. Philmont is the National High Adventure base of the Boy Scouts of America. I was out of town for the past two weeks and just came home July 3rd. This is the reason why you did not see me at this event.

Over the past few months I have been to a number of events throughout the district. I believe you know me well enough to know that I plan to work hard during this race. Again, I would encourage you to contact me before offering speculations about my campaign.

Thanks again,


Two years ago or so, a local labor official told yours truly about a local Republican official asking him why Stark County organized labor - for the most part - will not give Republicans a smell when it comes to supporting their candidates.

The official, Daryl Revoldt  (currently president of North Canton City Council and formerly Region 9 economic development director for the Bob Taft administration and before that a chief honcho for former Republican Congressman Ralph Regula) would, if he had been present on Thursday past, gotten his answer from the make-up of elected officials who attended the July 1, 2010 "Justice for Local Workers" rally held at Mills Business Park down on Sherman Church Road, SW.

As far as the SCPR knows, not a single Republican showed up at the event.  Not even Mark Butterworth who is the sole Republican on Canton City Council.

The SCPR wonders what the partisan issue is for Republicans when it comes to getting jobs for Cantonians and Stark Countians when new businesses like Medline come to the area.

Medline is a medical equipment supply company that started out constructing its fancy new building in the Mills Business Park (with tax breaks and other Canton help) without any local labor as hires (union or otherwise) until a number of Democrat Canton City Council members took up the cause of local labor.

Consequently, as long as Democrats control Canton, companies coming to Canton had better figure on hiring locals if they think they are going to get tax breaks and other assistance from Canton's local government.

Notice that The Report speaks only of "local labor," and does not qualify the noun labor with "organized" labor (or use the expression "union labor.")

That's because the local trade unions when they talk of local labor include all Cantonians and Stark Countians (including the unorganized) who want construction jobs - in the unions' definition of labor.  It is hard to see why Republicans would not join in on an effort to get good paying jobs for the laboring men and women of Canton and Stark County.

There are some boneheaded things going on at 2727 Fulton NW these days (the site of the Stark County Republican Party) and this one is at the top of the list.  Perhaps Stark County has a Michael Steel; "act-alike" in charge.

You have Travis Secrest, executive director of the Stark County Republican Party, who is running for the Ohio House - the 52nd district, who wasn't at the rally.  Really?  Canton Township, Secrest's home,  is populated with mostly working class folks who badly need jobs in this Great Recession economy and Chairman Jeff Matthews couldn't even see to it that Secrest got to the rally?

And this guy thinks he is going to appeal to the electorate of the 52nd?  Even with the lackluster Stephen Slesnick as an opponent, Secrest is likely not to be an appealing alternative.

Remember folks, these are jobs for "everybody" not just organized labor.  This SCPR reminder is for those Republican officials and candidates who apparently cannot abide anything that is tinged with "organized" labor even if the effort will bring jobs to the larger construction worker community; organized and unorganized.

Another interesting note.  There were a surprising number of Democrat officeholders who were not present.  But you can be sure they will have their hands out when it comes to fundraising.

In addition to those pictured on the graphic above,  SCPR saw Steve Meeks (commissioner, seeking retention), Tom Bernabei (candidate for the unexpired term), Joe Martuccio (incumbent candidate for law director), Brian Horner (9th Ward, Canton councilman).
Perhaps there were others that The Report did not see and, if they were there, they need only contact The Report at to be included on the SCPR's list in an update to this blog.

The SCPR agrees with Revoldt.  Organized  labor should support more Republicans.

But first, Stark County and Canton Republicans need to show that they support the laboring man and woman.  It was such a simple thing for at least some of them to show up at the "Justice for Local Workers" event.

And maybe, the Republican candidates and officials could even find it in their heart to say a good word or two for the hardworking laboring class of the Canton/Stark community.

The Report sees Democrat officials frequently voicing support for the business community.  But, it seems as if it will be "a cold day in hell" before the Republicans will say or do anything much that is constructive  and productive to get more construction jobs in the area.  After all, most of these folks are Democrats.  Wonder why?

Golly gee!  Why doesn't organized labor support more Republicans?


Here is a video of the rally held by local "organized" labor for the benefit of "all" laboring men and women of Canton and Stark County.  Nary a Republican to be seen!

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