Sunday, July 25, 2010


About the only folks who are "bananas" for Governor Ted Strickland these days are the likes of former Stark County Democratic chairman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr.  And who on God's green acre in Ohio could be enthusiastic about his Republican challenger John Kasich?

This race is sort of like when Republican Bob Taft ran for re-election against Democrat Tim Hagan (how a Cuyahoga County commissioner).  The choice clearly is a Hobson's Choice (a free choice in which only one option is offered):  a twiddly dee,  twiddly dum (ho-hum) one, if ever there was one.  Maybe ever worse than "ho-hum."  Either could accentuate Ohio's downward spiral.  To the SCPR, "twiddly dee or dum" would be a better choice.  At least, they are not live human beings and therefore can "do no harm."

Strickland is trying to be folksy again.  Remember, last time out in 2006, he ran as "the man from Duck Run."

This time he wants to appear to be "the man who is in touch with Main Street, Ohio."  Another ruse in the making, no?

But it certainly does not appear that he is a "main-streeter."  Get this.

Man alive!   Strickland apparently was on his way to Main Street, Massillon, Ohio (Cicchinelli-de-ville) but ended up at 900 Path Ridge NE which is Catazaro-Perry-de-ville (home of Kathy Catazaro-Perry, a likely Mayor Francis H. Cicchinelli, Jr. foe in 2011 - if he decides to run)..

Downtown Massillon is a neat looking community.  Mayor Cicchinelli's administration has done a great job keeping Main Street, Massillon looking spiffy.

But it ain't no Mill Ridge Path!

It is interesting that Strickland could not find his way to Main Street.  To The Report, his misdirection is indicative of how much he has lost the affection of Main Street Ohioans and Stark Countians.

By his own definition, he is a failed governor.  He said that if he failed to fix public education funding problem, he would own up to being a failed governor.  Now, like most politicians, it is one excuse after another, after another, after another as to why he hasn't.

Strickland will likely win in November because the Republicans have made a major mistake in selecting Congressman John Kasich to run against him.

Kasich is spending a lot of time these days explaining how he came to be associated with the discredited Lehman investment banking house that went belly up during the recent banking aspect of the end of the Bush administration financial crisis.  Apparently, Kasich made big money with Lehman, while scores of investors (presumably including Ohioans and Stark Countians) lost their investment dollars.

One has to wonder whether Ohio has an chance at all to dig itself out of the economic/financial doldrums with the likes of Strickland and Kasich leading the way.

Doesn't look like it, either way.

Indeed, Ohioans and Stark Countians DO have an awful choice to make this fall.

And its probably one on which, in reality, there is only one choice.  Whether the choice is Strickland or Kasich,  the result is likely to be more heartache and failure that hits the folks on Main Street the hardest.

The folks on Mill Ridge Path, NE?  Oh, they will do just fine.  They always do!

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Anonymous said...

I stood with a sign that said FAILURE and Strickland just waived. Completely out of touch with what he has cost our state. I have met John Kasich and spoke to him and he has my complete support!!