Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yours truly got a telephone call from a well-placed Stark County Republican elected official about 1:30 PM yesterday.  
"Marty, you're not going to believe this but Christina Hagan is the appointee to succeed Snitchler."

Well, the SCPR would not quite put it in the "unbelievable" category, but surprising would fit.  Her appointment is a testimony to the fact that the name Regula has lost its magic with the Stark GOP kingdom and that "the best laid plans of mice and men" (in the case of candidate Guiley) aren't so "best laid."

The Report is told that Rick Guiley was absolutely convinced that with Snitchler in his corner (apparently? - even if quietly) he was a virtual shoe-in.  It turns out that maybe, being the relative political novice he is (having only run at the Louisville city council level) Guiley hadn't figured on how Machevalian politics can be.  Something went wrong, very wrong for Snitchler to be unable to deliver for Guiley.  Maybe, just maybe Snitchler was just putting Guiley on.  Perhaps he really did not involve himself in the the politics of successorship as he indicated to The Report?

Should Regula have been stunned - as he reportedly is - that he did not get the appointment.  The SCPR thinks not.

For Regula has a politically checkered past.   His loses to Gary Zeigler (in 2000) for the county treasurer's post and then again to Todd Bosley in a 2006 county commissioner race had to be on the minds of the Ohio House Republican Caucus selectors.

Two sources tell the SCPR that the selectors wanted to know whether or not he could beat Todd Bosley were he to run again next year.  Presumably that question was put to Hagan and Guiley, also.

For the SCPR, that is the unbelievable part of this whole matter.  Why would anyone be concerned about the possibility that Bosley would run again?

Bosley's having voted to impose the 0.50 sales tax in December, 2008 will tarnish him politically for a long time to come.  The Report believes it is unlikely that Bosley will be running for an political office in Stark County anytime soon.
Probably the same for Richard Regula.  Although there is some noise that he will take on Hagan in the 2012 Republican primary, The Report for one is skeptical.

The Report ran into Hartville Police Chief and Alliance Councilman Larry Dordea at the Hartville Village Council meeting last night.  Dordea was all smiles about the Hagan appointment.

Dordea said that Christina had asked him for an endorsement which he said he was more that happy to accommodate.

Dordea knew where to put his political money!

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