Saturday, March 5, 2011


Today the SCPR presents Part II of a series on an interview (March 2nd) with Canton Republican mayoral candidate A.R. "Chip" Conde.

In Part I, The Report covered the issue of getting jobs for Canton with Conde.

In the video which follows at the end of this blog, SCPR readers will see Conde diss current Mayor William J. Healy, II not on the idea of having "zero tolerance" of crime in Canton, but on the campaign sloganeering quality of the phrase which Healy used, perhaps effective, in his campaign to unseat incumbent Republican  Mayor Janet Creighton in November, 2007.

More importantly, Conde - and properly, in the view of The Report, focuses on the role that crime plays in a city's ability to attract new employers to a given area.

The Report believes that should Conde become the GOP nominee and Healy the Democratic nominee, there will be some back and forth on Healy's claim that his law enforcement policies have made Canton a safer city in a statistical sense of "safer."

The real issue is, as far as the SCPR is concerned, is there a perception on the part of the public that Canton is safer?  Is Canton seen as a place that entrepreneurs are willing to bring their businesses and jobs and not be concerned with the need to have a private security force to protect their facilities and their employees as they move between the physical locale of the business to - let's say - the parking lot.

If Canton is perceived "not to be safe," - they (new businesses) - are not likely to come; at least to "inner city" Canton.

Here is Conde in Part II.

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