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UPDATE:  12:36 PM

About 30 minutes ago Reggie Stoltzfus telephoned the SCPR apologizing for not responding to the e-mail re:  Cliff Rosenberger resign now rather than May 1 as Rosenberger originally planned.

Stoltzfus as Stark County commissioner Janet Weir Creighton told the SCPR on Wednesday was totally surprised that the FBI is reportedly investigating Rosenberger on the basis of his living a lavish lifestyle.  Moreover, Stoltzfus said he agrees with Republican Mike DeWine, Mary Taylor and David Yost that Rosenberger needed to turn his planned May 1 resignation into an "immediate" resignation.

Stoltzfus on being asked whether or not SCPR was being fair to him in terms of the time that elapsed between the SCPR email and this blog said that he felt that The Report was being fair but that being in the heat of primary election campaign has many campaign activities under way which was the reason for his delay in responding.

The SCRP is impressed with Stoltzfus' initiative in making a telephone contact on becoming aware of today's blog.

The SCPR has learned that there may be a "dirty tricks" aspect to the Josh Hagan campaign.

Stay turned to this series.  There will be a SCPR follow up on Stoltfus/Hagqn in terms of the "dirty tricks" allegation just as soon as The Report is confident that this blogger has a full grasp of the situation.

Note:  LINK to follow up blog on the alleged "dirty tricks" factor.


On January 13, 2018, The Stark County Political Report  (SCPR, The Report) wrote a blog (LINK) which, in part, was admiring of the organization of, the planning of and the implementation of Republican Paris Township trustee Reggie Stoltzfus campaign techniques and overall strategy.

It was amazing to the SCPR that a heretofore political unknown could spring from the starting gate with the splash that Stoltzfus with a fundraiser at Brookside Country Club on January 24, 2018.

We will not know for sure until April 24 (Ohio's mandated pre-primary campaign finance report date), but the word is among GOP pols that The Report is conversant with, that Stoltzfus came out of the Brookside event with at least $30,000.

Moreover, he had the endorsement/support of nearly all if not all Stark County Republican Party heavy hitters and the really, really, really huge state level GOP kahuna in Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger who came to Stark County on the 24th to boost the Stoltzfus candidacy in Ohio's 50th House District which is currently held by Republican Christina Hagan who has opted to run for Congress in the 16th Congressional District.

Interesting enough, Christina's brother is contending Stoltzfus in the 50th in the Republican May 8th primary election.

Nevertheless, the SCPR is prepared to say that Stoltzfus will defeat Hagan easily, and, to boot, likely Democratic candidate Cassie Gabelt (the 50th is heavily "gerrymandered" Republican) in the November general election.

Since Stoltzfus is likely to be the 50th Ohio House District state representative, he merits heightened scrutiny in terms of his political judgments.

Apparently, Stoltzfus did not know enough about Rosenberger.

With the politically powerful Republicans lining up against Rosenberger, the SCPR thought that with Stoltzfus embracing himself the way he did in January (only about 3 months ago), Stoltzfus ought to join in on the chorus.

Hence, this SCPR e-mail to Stoltzfus:

Martin Olson <>  Apr 11 at 9:35 PM

To: Reggie Stoltzfus


In view of your past political relationship with Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and media reports he is under investigation by the FBI which has led to his resignation from the House effective May 1st, today a article (LINK) reports Mike DeWine, Mary Taylor and Dave Yost saying he should not stay until  May 1st but resign effective immediately.

Do you agree with DeWine, Taylor and Yost?  If so, why?  If not, why?

Has your campaign received any contributions from Rosenberger?  If so, are you going to return the contributions in light of developments?

Beyond agreeing or disagreeing with the aforementioned trio, what is your personal reaction to the reports of Rosenberger being under FBI investigation.

Talked with Stark County commissioner Janet Creighton briefly today at the commissioners' weekly meeting and she said she was very surprised by the revelation about Rosenberger.  She said that she served alongside Rosenberger in the George W. Bush White House in 2008 after she lost her re-election bid to William J. Healy, II in 2007.

Have taken a look at your campaign website and FB page and it appears that any photos/references to Rosenberger have been scrubbed.  Am I missing something?

Thank you.

Martin Olson
Stark County Political Report
330 430 9378

Stoltzfus' response as of the writing of this blog?


To the SCPR it is noteworthy that a previously communicative public official/candidate for public office (the SCPR has spoken to Stoltzfus at least two times and had several back and forth e-mails) "all-of-a-sudden" becomes uncommunicative when asked an embarrassing question.

Voters should pay very, very, very close attention to unresponsiveness by Stoltzfus because it is fair to conjecture that he might well act the same way if confronted by a tough or embarrassing question.

Though the SCPR is sited in Lake Township within the 50th Ohio House District, Hagan has never been willing to answer the questions of The Stark County Political Report.

It is common knowledge among area politicians and public officials that the SCPR "cuts to the chase" and consequently the cowardly among them refuse to communicate with The Report.

Christina Hagan for instance could never, ever survive an SCPR interview.

She likes to portray herself as "one-tough-lady.'  The truth of the matter is that she shields herself from any who are not sycophants and thereby betrays herself as a political coward.

With his failure to respond the question becomes:  Is Reggie Stoltzfus "more-of-the-same."

In a previous e-mail exchange with the SCPR, Stoltzfus portrayed himself being a highly principled person to wit:

So Reggie, would God want you to be respectful of folks that ask questions of you expecting "honest" responses as we endeavor to determine who to vote for in upcoming 2018 elections.

Or, since God has called you, are you unaccountable?

Those are the kinds of SCPR questions that all but the authentic with nothing to hide apparently fear in getting into Q&As with The Report.

Recently, the SCPR wrote a blog on Stark County auditor Alan Harold, an elected official The Report has been high on since he was elected in 2010.

With the critical blog in which The Report takes the position there is overwhelming evidence that Harold lied to this blogger (e-mails and one one-on-one conversation) as to his involvement in his political opponent losing her job.

To boot, when the heat-got-too-hot for Harold, he cut off communication.

The likes of Stoltzfus and Harold like to think they are punishing the SCPR because of this bloggers willingness "to-go-where-angels-fear-to-tread," but "truth of the matter" is that they in not candidly answering tough questions are disrespecting Stark County political subdivision voters.

It is obvious to the SCPR that Stoltzfus has "scrubbed" his social media presence of anything Cliff Rosenberger.

And do so is understandable.

But he owes the 50th Ohio District voters an explanation as to why he did not join in on the effort started by DeWine, Taylor and Yost, to wit:

Does Reggie Stoltzfus know something that DeWine, Taylor and Yost do not?

If so, out with it, no?

If not, he needs to own up to being a politically calculating candidate like we are "all-too-familiar" with, no?

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