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Believe it or not, "early voting is underway in Ohio" and, of course, by extension Stark County.

Since March 24th, Travis Secrest of the Stark County Board of Elections (BOE, Board) says that the Board has received and responded to 31 requests for "military & overseas absentee" ballots as of April 5th.

Any day now, actual "votes" should be trickling into the BOE.

The above-graphic (a SCPR rework of a calendar put out by Ohio's secretary of state) shows that in six (6) days Stark Countians will be lining up at the Stark County Board of Elections located at 3525 Regent Avenue, to vote upon:
  • contested political party primary election contests including:
    • Hagan v. Gonzalez in the GOP 16th congressional district primary,
    • Hagan v. Stoltzfus in Ohio House District 50 (the GOP primary),
    • Taylor v. DeWine  in the GOP side of Ohio's 2018 gubernatorial race,
    • Kucinich v. Cordray (believed to be well ahead of several others running) in the Democratic gubernatorial race, 
    • Gibbons v. Renacci in the GOP side of a U.S. Senate race, and
  • contested issue races involving:
    • whether or not Cantonians will vote an increase in its income tax and 
    • whether or not Ohioans will approve a new formula for redistricting Ohio's congressional districts, to wit:
    Today, The Stark County Political Report focuses on the Hagan races and what looks to the SCPR ten end of mythological Hagan political dynasty in Stark County.

    For a refresher on the political history and ambitions of the Stark County/Marlboro Township sited John P. Hagan family, here are links to several blogs for readers who are not that familiar with the political history/machinations of he Hagan clan:
    Christina Hagan, in the opinion of the SCPR, made a foolhardy decision about a year ago to abandon the Hagan long held (except for a few years of the 50th being held by Republican political interloper Todd Snitchler) 50th Ohio House District to run for the Ohio 16th District congressional seat especially in light of the FACT she did not live in the 16th at the time.

    Although he liked to claim to be a "conservative Republican," the SCPR thinks the Hagan family patriarch John P. Hagan is not intellectually skilled enough to understand much less articulate, advocate and promote authentic conservative values as a basis for public policy and legislative implementation.

    The same goes for daughter Christina.

    And, in spades, for son Josh who aspires to be the Republican nominee for he 50th.

    Anthony Gonzalez (Christina's opponent in the 16th and Reggie Stoltzfus (Josh's opponent in the 50th) are fully capable, intellectually, to be "honest" brokers of classic Republican conservative political thought and action.

    When one strips away the political rhetoric re: the Hagans all one gets are political opportunists and, in Christina's case, making a "really" big deal about being a "born again, 'gun toting" Christian" and, then, when called out about her use of religion as a political campaign device:  claims to be persecuted for her being a person of faith.

    Moreover, she seems to have no reluctance whatsoever to use her very, very, very young child and to-be-born-twins as political assets.  Most political families shield their "minor" children from the political limelight (a la the Trumps and son Barron), but not Christina Hagan.

    Thoughtful, consistent Republicans of the 16th and 50h should not support Christina and Josh in their political aspirations on May 8th.

    If there is any group Christina Hagan should have locked up in her 16th congressional district bid, it is the Ohio Right to Life.

    On March 20th, guess who Ohio Right to Life endorsed?

    Amazingly, Hagan opponent Anthony Gonzalez (see this LINK).

    The sooner Stark County is rid of the Hagans (John is out as Marlboro trustee and lost his bid to be Stark County commissioner in 2008) the better.

    May 8, 2018 likely will be the day on which Stark County finally, finally is rid of this political "leech" trio.

    Two leading Stark County Republicans have differing views of Christina Hagan's prospects for success on May 8th.

    One says that she will make it close, if not win, on the 8th.

    The other says Gonzalez wins in a walk.

    Both say that Josh gets pummeled by Stoltzfus.

    For this prospective likelihood, Stark Countians should be glad.

    We have too many power-mongering politicians; the Hagans should not be encouraged!

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