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In a conversation with 50th Ohio House District GOP candidate Reggie Stoltzfus, one of the explanations of why he did not make a timely email response to a SCPR inquiry about his view on his political association with now former Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger was (quit as speaker on Friday because of an ongoing FBI investigation about him) his having to deal with a flyer (see above) sent out to prospective Republican voters in the upcoming May 8th GOP primary election.

Stoltzfus' opponent is Josh Hagan, a brother of current 50th District Republican representative Christina Hagan who has opted out of running for a fourth term (after which she is term-limited out) as a state representative.

Stoltzfus in describing what most pols (in experience of the SCPR) would describe as being "political 'dirty tricks'" took the high road and euphemistically identified the above-flyer as being "a negative campaign development."

"Dirty tricks?"

Pols ascribing the phase "dirty tricks" to the likes of the flyer sent out against Stoltzfus do so on the premise that on its face the flyer only tells "part of the story."

The full story is one in which a teenager is understandably and courageously intervening on behalf of his mother and not what is conjured up in the minds of most of us when the expression "domestic violence" is the focal point.  Go to this LINK to see/hear Stoltzfus (from about the 2:30 remaining mark of the video to about 1:30 remaining) about the incident "in his own words."

An extract from the Stoltzfus Facebook page as he adds more detail, to wit:

While this happened 18 years ago, to this day I would act on behalf of my mother’s safety every time! I am the man I am today because of my childhood, and that is one of the fundamental reasons why I believe stronger families will lead to a stronger Ohio. Why my opponents used this visceral topic to attack me is obvious, but I wanted to take the opportunity to inform you, the voters.  (large print added by SCPR for emphasis sake)

The flyer address/return address showed the sender to have been the Growth & Opportunity PAC (Political Action Committee, a super-PAC) our of Lexington, KY), to wit:

Here are a few other links to the G&O PAC and/or connected to the G&O PAC (connected by virtue of Federal Election Commission information):
And, here is a SCPR compiled list from "Open Secrets" of contributions to the G&O PAC.

Of course, the SCPR suspects that the person behind the mailer is Stoltzfus opponent Josh Hagan.

The Report has attempted to contact Hagan by telephone to get a confirmation/denial of his having a role in the mailing of the flyer but has been greeted by "busy" signals on each attempt.  However, the SCPR will continue the effort and supplement this blog Hagan's response if he becomes accessible.

The Stark County Political Report invites Josh Hagan to call this blogger at 330 430 9378 or email me at with his response.

In the meantime, The Report has inquired of the Growth & Opportunity PAC, to wit:

Martin Olson <>  Apr 13 at 2:09 PM


Mr. Lycan,

Martin Olson here of The Stark County Political Report (SCPR, The Report)

It has come to SCPR's attention that the Growth & Opportunity PAC Inc which according to FEC documents you are listed as being treasurer of, has become involved (i.e. return address on flyer) in Ohio's 50th House District Republican primary between Reggie Stoltzfus and Josh Hagan.

The SCPR covers Stark County government and politics and has done a number of blogs on the Stoltzfus/Hagan Republican primary.  Here is a LINK to the latest.

In view of the G&O involvement, The Report has a number of questions to ask of you as the FEC listed G&O contact person.

Here are the SCPR's questions.

Who (person or other entity) requested that C&G generate and mail out a flyer (see attachment) designed to influence the outcome of the Stoltzfus/Hagan race?

Who (person or other entity) funded the C&G generate and mail out a flyer (see attachment) designed to influence the outcome of the Stoltzfus/Hagan race?

How much money did the preparation and mailing of the flyer cost?

Also attached is an Open Secrets compilation of contributors but nothing listed for so far in 2018.  Please provide the SCPR a list of contributors for the 2018 time period.

Thank you,

Martin Olson
The Stark County Political Report
330 430 9378

If and when the Growth & Opportunity PAC responds to the SCPR e-mail inquiry, this blog will be supplemented to share with readers exactly what the G&O PAC has to say.

If the Josh Hagan campaign is behind the flyer being published, it will be interesting to see on Hagan's campaign finance report (due April 24, 2018) if it reveals in-kind-contribution/expense data that shows a Josh Hagan campaign connection to the G&O PAC.

The SCPR thinks that fairness dictates that the full story be told in political advertising.

Readers of The Stark County Political Report know that this blogger works diligently to get "all" the information out to the voting public on any candidate race or issue contest.

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