Thursday, January 29, 2009


Things are topsy-turvey in Marlboro Township government these days.

According to a Stark County police official observation to the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) who knows all the parties in the Devies/Township trustee flap; the trustees are hurting themselves by not telling all they know about the basis of Devies situation.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the official has good advice to the trustees. Of course, we will not know until this matter comes to a conclusion.

If the answer is yes, this would be an indication that THE PETER PRINCIPLE is in full swing in Marlboro Towship.

If he turns out to be correct, it could be said, perhaps, that THE PETER PRINCIPLE is in full swing in Marlboro Township government.

THE PETER PRINCIPLE is thusly defined in Wikipedia:
The Peter Principle is a special case of a ubiquitous observation: anything that works will be used in progressively more challenging applications until it fails.
The Report brings this up because The Report believes that former Marlboro Township trustee John P. Hagan is the Stark County personification of the principle once he got out of township government.

And it may have been in full operation when he was township trustee.

The Report simply does not know enough about how he performed as trustee to make a judgment.

But The Report has had an up close look at Hagan as state representative and in his attempt to become a Stark County commissioner.

All Hagan can do to survive at a higher level is to find someone to attach to that can do his thinking for him and provide him with some model of how to handle himself. This guy is not a leader. He is a follower who tries to bluster himself so as to appear to be a leader.

From the comments that have been made on The Report's story, there appears to be some interest in Hagan returning as a township trustee.

Is township trustee, in a rural township where, John Hagan truly belongs?

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Anonymous said...

Hagan should never be aloowed to run for office again!