Monday, January 12, 2009


A Charles Snyder of Bethlehem Township wrote a letter to the editor of The Repository (published today) which races an interesting question.

Snyder condemned Sheriff Swanson for his intemperate remarks and for his braggadocio attitude. (STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT characterization - not Mr. Snyder's)

Readers can see a full transcript of the sheriff's remarks by clicking here

There is a political affinity between these commissioners (Ferguson had not yet been sworn in on the date the sheriff''s statement was made) and the sheriff. They are all Democrats. Undoubtedly, they supported each other when they ran for office (i.e. most likely attended each other's fundraiser, endorsed one another, et cetera).

Snyder's observations were as follows:
I don’t know our sheriff — maybe he didn’t know that the commissioners had already made their decision, perhaps he was issued his new political “muscles” with his re-election, or maybe he’s just not a sophisticated man.

I now understand the problems last year at the county jail, considering the tough-guy culture he has created.

I’m left to wonder if many of our elected officials don’t hold the citizens they serve in the same regard. If the commissioners don’t admonish him publicly for his comments,

I can only assume they agree with his commentary.
Given the "political closeness" of these three commissioners to Swanson,

Should the commissioners issue a statement making it clear that they do not agree with Sheriff Swanson's comments at the 12/29/2008 meeting?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

They would never have the guts to do so. They fear this swaggering loud mouth more than they respect the voters of Stark County.

Anonymous said...

Why would they issue an admonishment? My understanding is many different views were expressed at this meeting--should they start "admonishing" everyone that comes before them that they disagree with or don't like the way they said things? Please. That is most ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

This should have nothing to do with party affiliations or commissioners. Of course, commissioners could resort to withholding funds but that seems hardly the appropriate choice.
What it should be about is the electorate. After all, they are the ones that decide who they wish to have represent them, whether it be before the commissioners or otherwise.