Thursday, January 15, 2009


Scott Oelslager (Republican - 51st). What to make of this teflon politician? Not much - is the answer.

Oelslager is the quintessential "ruffle no feathers" politician who has gotten next to nothing done as a member of the majority/supermajority Republican-controlled Ohio legislature (until January, 2009 when the Democrats took control of the House).

Someone needs to examine this guy to see whether or not he has a backbone.

If there ever has a no brainer for a politician who represents a significant part of Stark County, it would be to adamantly oppose AEP/Ohio Power's request for a gigantic increase in electric power rates over the next three years.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) applauds state Senator Kirk Schuring (Republican) and newly elect Todd Snitchler (Republlcan) for standing front and center with the people and businesses of Stark County opposing Ohio Power's request.

All Scott ("I don't want to offend AEP/Ohio Power") Oelslager can do is write a "cover letter" passing on the comments of citizen-activist Kevin Ellis of Louisville who Oelslager incorrectly identifies as a constituent.

Actually Ellis is a constituent of Todd Snitchler (R/51st - Lake). Undoubedly, Ellis is glad of it.

Oelslager ranks only above term-limited-out and bottom-ender John Hagan (Republican - Marlboro who enabled the Ohio Power request while chair of the House public utilities committee) in the The Report's rankings of the legislators who have represented Stark County in the Legislature.

Oelslager has made a career of:

1. Sending out congratulatory letters to Stark Countians of achievement,

2. Photo oping with national and statewide politicians who come to Stark andglad-handing voters,

3. Sending out cover letters like the one in the accompanying graphic,

4. Sending out letters of inquiry BUT does not follow through. He sent one out onThe Report's complaint about the lack of currency and quality of the Ohio ElectionCommissions' website - but to be sure no substantive correctives have beendone -any follow up by Oelslager? No!

5. Speaking on public issues in a highly evasive and vague manner.

Oelslager has made a career of being the former aide to retired congressman Ralph Regula who glad hands to the nth degree while getting nothing done for Stark County.

Meanwhile, his core constituents (Jackson Township citizens) are about to have their school system sink into mediocrity because he has been a non-starter (notwithstanding all his years and experience in the Lelgislature) on the issue of solving public school funding.

Teflon may be good for frying pans, but not for politicians.

They need to be held accountable!


Anonymous said...

The sad part is, he will probably run for the Senate seat and flip flop with Schuring, so what good is he going to do for Stark County. It is time for us as Republicans to get rid of the old and start fresh with new faces. The old Republican ways need to change or the party will continue failing in Stark County. I think Chairman Matthews has great ideas for the future, and hope he can definitely turn this party around. If the old want to stay in, then they must change with the party in order to do so. We can not afford more of the same as the Democratic Party puts it, but that is all Stark County gets.

Anonymous said...

I find it easy to believe that they can't remember, verbatim, every single line written in many bills. Your attack was not based on fact, but rather on hearsay.

I also noticed you did not bring John Boccieri to task for his "strongly worded" letter to the Postal officials demanding an Akron-Canton postmark since they are moving many mail sorting jobs from Canton to Akron .... Regula blocked this and as soon as he retired it was full steam ahead.

Your bias is beginning to show.

Anonymous said...

The above commentor seem to be missing the point on this issue. This is not about the fact he missed something that turns out to be the most important part of the bill "THE VETO POWER" of the energy companies to withdraw their rate plan, it is the fact that this all started 7 months ago, he just finally sent a letter of opposition only after being hunted down to do it. This is typical for Oeslager because other than public records what has he done for Stark County in the last 25 years. Maybe you think George W was a great president also. It is time for a change in Columbus, Oeslager must step aside. And Bocceri is blocking the postal service move also!