Thursday, January 29, 2009


A highly respected Stark County law enforcement official tells the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) that he doubts the FBI will investigate the 12 to 15 letters Canton Mayor William J. Healy II turned over.

The official speculates that Healy knows this and is gaming the system for appearances sake.

An number of folks have mused to The Report (including the area law enforcer) as to why Healy has not asked his own police department to investigate.

The Report points out that the observations were made before it leaked that the mayor had tried to fire Canton's police chief on Wednesday.

Another perspective on the Healy/FBI connection is that while Healy may be playing the FBI for the foil, Healy's initiative may have been an unwitting delivery to the FBI of an entre for the FBI to pursue other investigative objectives which may include a possible Stark County connection to the FBI's Cleveland corruption investigation.

The Report has learned that the FBI is a part of the Stark County investigation in which a Stark County investigative arm is talking with the female who is the subject of the "inappropriate relationship" allegation that WKYC reported earlier this week.


Anonymous said...

Healy is in big trouble. Hope he has a good lawyer. This will be 1925 all over again in Canton. The last time a Governor removed a sitting Mayor in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh when "king mayor" demanded that all employees not talk to the Safety Service director. This will be hard for the Safety Director, since he rents a home from him........
Only in Canton.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know who has that kind of clout to ask the Rep to stop all comments regarding Healy? Freedom of Speech. If you are going to offer "comments" in your newspaper, then it should screened for bad language, etc., but the rest should up left on. I'm sure the FBI didn't tell them to close down comments. The Rep lost all credibility in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

The mayor ordered employees not to talk to the service director about work related things. That was clear in the email. I don't think the mayor was out of line in that request.

I would not think it would be appropriate for the Canton PD to investigate anything having to do with the Canton mayor.

I do agree the Rep's actions are unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

But no one has asked why the police chief, building inspector and fire chief had all been ordered to not talk to the media by the safety director. What gives? Is it some kind of infectious disease within city hall?

Anonymous said...

The Repository has lost its credibility many years ago. It just continues to show us why the credibility is gone with this recent flap of stopping the discussion.