Monday, November 3, 2008


On Sunday evening's newscast, Chuck Todd, Political Director of NBC News, says that congressional Republican candidates are going to get trounced in Tuesday's election losing between 25 to 40 seats.

Susan Page of USA Today appearing on Chris Matthews "Hardball" revealed a breaking (30 minutes at the time) USA Today poll showing generic congressional polling putting Democratic candidates up by 15%.

Readers of the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) predicted a Boccieri win months ago (from 55%/45% to 52%/48%).

The Report's prediction had more to do with the political environment in the country favoring Democrats than anything else. This trend is so strong (especially in northeast Ohio) that there may be a lot of Republican casualties right down though the county level because of the Democratic surge.

John Hagan, Republican candidate for county commissioner, may well find himself on the outside looking in after November 4th. He may have to get back to his real job of being "Joe (err John) the Plumber."

Todd Snitchler could lose the gerrymandered Republican seat held by Hagan for eight years against a substandard Democratic candidate (Celeste DeHoff).

Another Republican victim? Yes, Republican Larry Dordea running against Sheriff Tim Swanson.

Dordea and county commissioner candidate Travis Secrest are the Republicans' most interesting candidates this time around.

If Dordea loses, he should take a short rest and then begin again for 2012.

Secrest? He should bone up on state issues and consider a run against Stephen Slesnick in 2010. The Report loathes uncompetivie politics. The 52nd has been uncompetitive forever, it seems. Secrest is from Canton Towship which is in the district. But he will have to start at least 18 months out from November, 2010.

Questions: If Democrats sweep Stark County, as Stark County Demoratic Party chairman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr., says they will, - is the Stark County Republican Party leadership in for a shake up? Or will party chair Jeff Matthews be given a pass because he and the party are going through a tough cycle?

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