Monday, November 17, 2008


So far the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) sees that only the Stark County Commissioners (see the entire resolution by clicking here), the Plain Township trustees and the city of Canton (after city council straightened the mayor out) have weighed in for the people and against AEP/Ohio Power on the utilities' gigantic rate increase request.

Massillon, North Canton, Louisville, Alliance, Hartville, Minerva, Lake Township, Canal Fulton, Lawrence Township, Tuscarawas Township, Perry Township, Sugarcreek Township, Navarre, Brewster, Wilmot, Beach City, Magnolia, Waynesburg, East Canton, Sandy Township, Bethlehem Township, Pike Township, Osnaburg Township, Jackson Township, Nimishillen Township, Washington Township, Lexington Township, Canton Township, Marlboro Township and Paris Township are among the missing together with all of Stark County's school districts.

To pick out a few of these entities:

1. Jackson Township trustees and the school board. With the failed operating levies, how do the trustees and school board members think that an Ohio Power 52% over three years increase for residential users (62% on businesses) is going to enhance their effort to get an operating levy passed? Isn't this an opportunity for public officials to go to bat for township residents.

2. Ditto for Canal Fulton council, Lawrence Township trustees and the Northwest Board of Education.

3. North Canton council is looking into ways and means to increase revenues (via a tax issue, increased services fees, et cetera) given the hard times "the dogwood city" has fallen on. Wouldn't it be prudent for council to object to the Ohio Power increase? If North Canton taxpayers see their electric rates skyrocket, where is the money going to come from for an increase in revenues?

Why aren't area residents flooding the aformentioned township halls, city halls and boards of education with demands for action against the increases? Or, are they and these entities are ignoring their constituents?

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Chris Nichols said...

The Canton Township Trustees have also sent a letter of opposition to the PUCO, regarding AEP's proposed rate increase. This was approved at our Board meeting on November the 4th. A press release was also submitted to the Repository.

Mr. Olson, I tried to email you a copy of the letter and the press release, but the email address ( in your profile was returned as undelieverable. If you would like a copy, please let me know what email address you would like it sent to.

Thank you.

Chris Nichols
Trustee, Canton Township