Saturday, November 15, 2008


Everyone knows that things are tough in North Canton these days.

The question is: Are they getting too tough for North Canton City Council President Daryl L. Revoldt (Republican at large)?

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned that had Kirk Schuring defeated John Boccieri for retiring 16th District Congressman Ralph Regula's position, the Republican plan was for the Ohio Senate Republican caucus to appoint North Canton City Council President Daryl Revoldt as Schuring's replacement.

Let's see. What's the expression? "The best laid plans of mice and men ... "

Although North Canton city officials are desperate to put a "good face" on the city's economic future, the truth of the matter is that the city is on life support; apparently its "savior figure" (on the basis of having been a Taft administration economic official and former mayor of North Canton) is looking for a "way out of Dodge" - err - North Canton.

At a recent public townhall-esque meeting moderated by Revoldt at the North Canton Civic Center (October, 2008), Revoldt painted a very negative picture of North Canton's financial future notwithstanding the ballyhoo in The Repository (within the past week) of financial grants coming North Canton's way.

Another sidelight is what The Report believes is a difficult relationship between Revoldt and North Canton's Mayor David Held. Another councilman (not Revoldt) has told The Report that council views Held as a weak mayor. The Report suspects this is a view that is being pushed by Revoldt.

Held did not speak at all at the October 21st meeting at the Civic Center. Isn't that a bit strange? Perhaps this indicates that Held's relationship with council is not the greatest. The Report believes that there is a coincidence of the fading of David Held with the resurrection of Daryl Revoldt.

The question: The Held/Revoldt thing aside, now that Reovldt has seen "up close and personal" how dire the financial condition of North Canton is; the best course for him is not to be in charge of a sinking ship but to find a face-saving way out-of-town?

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