Saturday, November 1, 2008


Travis Secrest is another "fresh" face on the local political scene. He ran for trustee against a long term incumbent in Canton Township recently and lost by only 90+ votes.

Secrest is likely to lose against "incumbent - appointed" commissioner Tom Harmon. But Secrest will poll well.

Harmon, like Reinbold (candidate for Stark County clerk of courts), has office because Stark County Democratic Party chairman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr., thinks he will be personally politically loyal to Maier. In fact, The Report, has inside information to the effect that Harmon has said that he thinks he owes the Stark County Democratic Party.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) generally thinks well of Harmon but mostly on the "potential" side. Harmon has all the skills and local government/politics knowledge to be an effective county commissioner. But The Report doubts he will use the skills/knowledge to benefit the everydays of Stark County. Harmon, in The Report's opinion, enjoys his special relationships with Stark County's power brokers and political leaders and therefore will not counter them when they are on the wrong track in trying the right the economic Stark County "Ship of State."

Travis Secrest will.

He and sitting commissioner Todd Bosley would be an outstanding team to get Stark County's economy moving in the right direction. Secrest demonstrates (see his website) that he does think outside-the-box and does put his idea out in the public domain (in specificity) for Stark Countians to judge.

Secrest will not win this race. But he is a person that will lead the way for a revitalized Stark County Republican Party.

His main problem with the Republican Party is its currently leadership. The Report (SCPR) has learned that there is a lot of internal dissatisfaction with current party chief Jeff Matthews.

If the party gets blown out as Democratic Party strongman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr., says it will (CLICK HERE TO SEE MAIER'S STATMENT), then certainly Stark County Republicans will demand a change at the top.

See the video posted below to get a first-hand impression of Secrest.

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