Thursday, November 19, 2009


The SCPR is appalled at the state of  leadership and governance in Nimishillen Township.

Yours truly has watched Trustees Lisa Shafer and Mike Lynch (recently re-elected) for some time now.  The Report believes that these two are way in over there heads.  The third trustee Allen Gress is a world ahead of Shafer and Lynch.

Nimishillen Township residents missed out on an opportunity to elect a highly competent trustee in the November 3rd election:  Ron Derry.

The SCPR endorsed Derry and Goffus in the election, but is queasy about Goffus.

Goffus and former trustee (now county commissioner) Todd Bosley were in a pitched battle over allegations that Bosley made about Goffus.  Perhaps Goffus lerned from the experience and would be a better trustee a second time around.

This talk about Derry and Goffus is irrelevant because Shafer and Lynch are back for four more years.  The SCPR sends condolences to the residents of Nimishillen because The Report believes that that these tow will take the township to new depths of troubles, difficulties and floundering.

The core of the Shafer/Lynch misfeasance is their allowing Nimishillen Township fire chief Rich Peterson to be the tail wagging the dog on the 9-1-1 countywide centralized dispatch effort.

A case can be made that Peterson runs Nimishillen Township rather than Shafer, Lynch and Gress.

With Marlboro Township getting rid of Tim Wise and Dave Wolf  (decided against running again) and Tuscarawas ridding itself of Trustees DeHoff (decided not to run again) and Dean Green, the re-election of Shafer and Lynch in Nimishillen makes Nimishillen (in the opinion of the SCPR) the worst governed township in all of Stark County.

But maybe there is a "ray of light" on the horizon.

Today Laurie Huffman of The Alliance Review did a story on a community-based group (which, by the way, includes Ron Derry) consideration of the pluses and minues of a merger between Louisville and Nimishillen Township.

For the SCPR, the unarticulated reason in the Huffman report is the "not-up-to-it" skill level of Shafer and Lynch as trustee.

The SCPR election analysis is that Shafer and Lynch rode the Peterson stoked 9-1-1 centralization controversy to re--election.

Over time, township residents witll come to regret having re-elected this pair.

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