Sunday, November 15, 2009


 UPDATE:  11/15/2009 AT 1:15 PM

Dan Deckler has called the SCPR and stated that he does not plan to file his petitions to run for the Republican nomination for 16th congressman.


Six Republicans have already taken out petitions to gain the right to run against Democrat John Boccieri in the May 4, 2010 Republican primary.

An interesting cast of characters.

Out-of-the box the favorite has to be former Wadsworth mayor/car dealer Jim Renacci.  He has been endorsed by the four Republican chairmen of Stark, Ashland, Medina and Wayne counties.


But "right wing" politics may prevail and this is the year that Matt Miller may upset the establishment Republican Party favorite (Renacci).


That is, if right-wing radio talk show host Paul Shiffer doesn't mess things up for him.

Look at the 2008 GOP primary results for 2008, it is clear that if Schiffer had not been in the race, it was likely that Miller would have been the Republican nominee in 2008 to run against Democrat John Boccieri in the November general election.


Miller could be in for a repeat in 2010.

The SCPR has this question.

Both Schiffer and Miller are right-wing Republicans.  What is so different about them that Schiffer feels compelled to run against a candidate that has a markedly better ability to garner the right-wing vote than does Schiffer?

The SCPR does have a call into Schiffer on this question but has no response as of the posting of this blog.  Check back for updates on Schiffer's response.

Looking at the Stark Board of Elections list of petition-pulling candidates, the only other name familiar to the SCPR is H. Doyle Smith.

An interesting sidenote is his $1,000 contribution to Matt Miller in his 2008 race against Schuring and Schiffer.

Two years later he is so dissatisfied with Miller he is running against him?

No, not exactly.

Smith tells the SCPR that he has a number of issues he wants to get in the public view.  Moreover, he knows that he has an uphill fight against the likes of Renacci (who has called him about his (Smith's) being in the race and Matt Miller.

Smith says he is not focusing on his opponents in the May, 2010 primary but on stimulating the public debate.  He did call Matt Miller to let Miller know that he was running.  For Smith to have done so, makes sense in light of Smith's financial support of Miller in the 2008 primary.

In future blogs, the SCPR will be setting out Smith's legislative priorities.

Moreover, the SCPR is the place for 16th District voters to come to be completely informed about the candidates for the 16th Congressional District.

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