Tuesday, November 17, 2009


UPDATE 3:  11/17/2009 AT 12:30 PM

One name that has come up as a possible successor to Commissioner Harmon is Democrat Plain Township trustee Lou Giavasis.

Giavasis has been Plain Township trustee for years and was re-elected to a new four year term two weeks ago today.

Many political observers (including yours truly) believe Giavasis has been an effective trustee in Plain who working together with Al Leno and Pam Bossart have made Plain one of Ohio's most fiscally responsible townships.

Clearly, to the SCPR, Plain Township is the best run township in Stark County.

Giavasis tells The Report that he has had many telephone calls inquiring as to whether or not he is interested in running for the "Harmon seat."

All Giavasis will say now is that he is mulling over the idea, but has yet to sit down and talk it over with his family.

UPDATE 2:  11/17/2009 AT 10:00 AM

The SCPR has contacted former Canton mayor Janet Creighton about her reaction to the Harmon resignation.

Creighton (who is probably the best known Republican in all of Stark County) first of all expressed concern about the status of Commissioner Harmon's health.

Beyond that she says that the combination of an auditor's race and two commissioner races in 2010 offers Stark County Republicans and opportunity to show that they can be competitive countywide.

Moreover, Creighton believes that the Republican statewide candidates (vis coatails) will help local Republicans win in November, 2010.

UPDATE:  11/17/2009 AT 10:00 AM

"I'm shocked, I floored," that's what Jackson Township trustee James Walters had to say when the SCPR informed him of Harmon's resignation.

Walters told The Report that he had been assured by "an inside the commissioners' office" confidant of Commissioner Harmon that Harmon would not be resigning anytime soon.


The SCPR has been reporting for months now that Harmon could be resigning at any time.

Obviously, the "powers that be" in the Stark County Democratic Party have determined that they want Steve Meeks (the presumptive appointee to the vacant seat come December 1st) to run in 2010 rather than 2012.



Tom Harmon has submitted his resignation as county commissioner today.

The resignation is effective December 1, 2009.

This resignation will send shock waves throughout the Stark County political/government community.

But it shouldn't.

The SCPR has been writing for months that Harmon would not fill out his term.

Political observers will be looking to see if the other part of the Harmon-departure saga materializes.  Yours truly has reported that Steve Meeks (former Jackson trustee and Region 9 director (economic development) for the Strickland administration will be replacing Harmon.

Another thought occurs to the SCPR.

Today, James Walters (a sitting Jackson trustee) announced that he will be seeking the seat of incumbent commissioner Todd Bosley which comes up for election in November, 2010.

Will the Harmon resignation change his plans?

Could we be looking at a Walters/Meeks (repeat, sort of) face-off rather than a Walters/Bosley face-off?

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