Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The SCPR is well into the 2010 election.  The primary for the Republican and Democratic parties are scheduled for May 4, 2010 - only 159 days from today.

Recently, The Report did a piece on Steve Curtician who is running for the county commissioner seat currently held by Commissioner Todd Bosley (Democrat - Marlboro).

Here is a link to the prior piece (CLICK HERE).

The SCPR has a policy of allowing candidates to speak for themselves, especially in response to SCPR commentaries on their candidacy.

Here is the contents of an email received from Curtician earlier today:

Mr. Olson,

If talking about myself and previous accomplishments is “over the top”, what platform do you recommend? I hear others talk about how they have balanced a budget of a community and not even finish a job they were elected to do. Isn’t that self promoting also. I understand the fact that you think I am over the top, “Never under estimate a man, who over estimates himself”, I get that, but I had to provide a platform of accomplishments from my past or I may as well run as a ghost. I had to get your attention somehow.

However, I feel the difference between myself and other candidates at this time is real life experience, and we have a real life situation in Stark County. Believe this, I will use every man hour, every resource and every willing body to turn Stark County back in the right direction. I have not forgotten what it feels like when your future is unknown. As someone who has lived through these times, from the grass roots level, I feel the pain and stress that the citizens are feeling today. Uncertainty is a tough world to live in, these times are tough and now is the time for leadership to rise to the occasion and promote Stark County to the World!

You can form your own opinion, I respect that, but let’s all work together and make Stark County thrive again. Way too much violence, too much unemployment and the morale of the County is falling rapidly. I have explained to you in past correspondence my plans to address these situations, but I would be thrilled to talk with you via phone, in person, or two soup cans and a fishing line, you tell me?

Whether I win or not, that’s not important. My goal is to get Stark County moving in a direction where people will be proud to say where they are from, where they work, and the citizens of Stark County will be the ones in the end, who will undoubtedly turn this County around.

Steve Curtician

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