Monday, November 23, 2009


As a veteran (USAF) and as the father/father-in-law to two majors (USAF) and a lieutenant colonel (USAF), yours truly deeply respects military service.

But a good military person does not a politician make - necessarily.

The SCPR early take on former U.S. Marine Steve Curtician, who is running against Jackson trustee Jamie Walters and, perhaps, Massillon councilman Donnie Peters, Jr, for the right to be the Republican nominee to run against sitting commissioner Todd Bosley (Democrat - Marlboro), is that he is "a bit over the top."

First, when the SCPR learned that Curtician was thinking about running to be the Republican nominee for what the SCPR will call - for easy reference - "the Bosley seat," yours truly called to obtain basic information about him.

No answer?

A bit strange.

Someone who is only known by his family, passes up an opportunity to get some free press?

Second, he writes the SCPR an email on November 18th chastising yours truly for not recognizing him at the November 4th Stark County commissioners meeting.

Mind you, Curtician did not step up and introduce himself.

Another weirdness?

Third, he emails the SCPR today primarily to pass on a testimonial of Curticians attributes and abilities by a former U.S. Marines major.

Not exactly the way an initiated politician comes out of the political gate.

Testimonials usually come from well known political figures that the voters identify with, nor former Marines officers.

Another oddity?

So to say the least, the SCPR is not impressed with Curtician.  Maybe over time, the impression will change.  If so, it will take a lot of political maturing by Curtician.

Another thing.

The Report is not big on political figures with larger-that-life egos (a la Canton Mayor William J. Healy, II).  Curtician just might be just such a person.

Here is the testimonial that Curtician offers up:

First, Curtician speaking for himself:

"I have made a name for myself in the USMC as well as the manufacturing world ... "

Next, the testimonial:
“Mr. Steve Curtician has one of the most prolific minds I have run across in my entire life; his cognitive capacity is unlimited. He dissects complex problems and situations into manageable and understandable components rapidly and meticulously. He weaves a thread of common sense into everything he undertakes. Steve has always been able to find the delicate balance between the firmness and resolve required to accomplish his assigned tasks to the highest standard, while continuously looking out for the welfare of the personnel he in charge of at the time. Steve possesses the intensity and stamina most people dream they had. These collective leadership traits and principles make Mr. Steve Curtician an exceptional candidate for any position.” August 11, 2009
Ken Knarr, Sergeant of the Guard and Orientation Instructor, Marine Corps Security Forces Company, Yorktown, VA worked directly with Steve at SGS Tool Co.
Yours truly is always more than a tad skeptical of  excessive "self-promoters."  When people tout themselves as being "more religious than God," "more statesman like that Winston Churchill," and the like, watch out!

Steve Curtician seems more likely to being a candidate for Marine Commandant than a candidate for Stark County commissioner.

Why in the world did Steve Curtician ever leave the Marines?

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Deborah said...

First, once a Marine always a Marine. Even when you are no longer in the Corp you are still a Marine and Marines are trained to be leaders. They have the ability to make difficult decisions in the face of adversity, they put the mission of serving others above themselves and they are all about Honor and committment. It is about time such traits are brought back to the political arena so that the people can once again be served and properly represented.