Wednesday, November 18, 2009


These are not emails that the SCPR likes to get:

Everybody in Stark County knows that these are tough economic times.  The temptation is to give Mayor William J. Healy, II a pass for the deterioration of Canton's finances/economy.

But Healy should not get a pass.

When he ran for mayor, he told Canton voters that because he was an entrepreneur, because he was a graduate of the NYU Stern School of Business, he had unique and powerful ways to pull Canton out of her economic stagnation.

According to Healy, he was a "value added" candidate.

Cantonians and Stark Countians know now that Healy campaign-speak was so much hot air.

Healy is nothing special in the positive light.

He may be something special in a negative sense.

Hizzoner is such a consummate political manipulator that he relies on his "eelish" qualities to avoid being held accountable for anything.

His economic development program is in shambles.  Even the stimulus money pumped into Canton by his political friend and ally Congressman John Boccieri, hasn't diverted the "knowing" from understanding the financial/economic disaster that Canton has become.

Healy friend and newly elected board of education member Eric Resnick, in a boldly courageous way, campaigned on the premise that he was going to be pushing for new millage for Canton City Schools, if elected.

But who will be left in Canton to  vote for the levy?  Who can afford to?

Wouldn't surprise the SCPR that Resnick turns out to be a one term board member.


Because people will want to punish him for doing what needs to be done.

Politics is not fair.

Canton is in one of the deepest financial/economic holes that yours truly has ever seen anywhere, anytime and the overall national economic downturn is not the primary reason; only a contributing factor.

Canton has lived off the "fat of the land" for too long now and not fertilized its fields for future yields.

The Canton City Council/Sam Sliman (Darth Vader to the Townships) notion of annexing its way out of financial/economic troubles is, to say the least, troubling to anyone who understands Economics 101.

Add to unimaginative (let's keep doing the same old things) Council, a mayor who is not "added value" as he portrayed himself in the 2007 campaign, and what you get is a "race to the bottom."

If you are a Canton firefighter, policeman or city worker, by December 31, 2009; the reality of a bankrupt city council and city administration becomes stark individual reality!

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