Thursday, November 12, 2009


A source of the SCPR e-mailed yours truly today with a startling bit of information about yesterday's (Veterans Day - 2009/the eleventh day, of the eleventh hour of the eleventh month) event.

Canton mayor William J. Healy was a "no show."

Here is the relevant excerpt from the e-mail:
Jim Gallagher introduced Mayor Healy of whom was asked to attend and according to Jim Gallagher; President of the Stark County Veterans Council, “he said he would be here,” he was a no-show.
And that is not the end of the story.

More from a later e-mail
I have attended every Memorial Day parade and McKinley Monument service after the parade since Richard Watkins 2nd year of his last term. Every year, the Mayor has always attended. Watkins and Creighton appeared in all the Memorial Day festivities. Mayor Healy has NEVER been in attendance. Because of this, I called Janet for who I know rather well and asked her if it was an obligated attendance or an option. She indicated to me that it was not mandatory, but an event that all Mayor’s in most towns, or cities commit too. 
The SCPR has called Adam Herman, the communications director for the Healy administration, for an explanation. 

So far, none.

If one is forthcoming, this blog will be updated with the explanation.

But do not hold your breath for an update.

Healy is thoroughly put out with the SCPR and has let it be known that he will not respond personally to any SCPR inquiry.

No surprise to yours truly.

The SCPR was the first Stark County media outlet to document Healy's arrogance.  The Rep folks are being toyed with by Healy and they are "none-the-wiser" for it.

It one thing for him to diss the SCPR, but to snub Canton/Stark County's veterans is quite another.

The Repository report (as pictured) above clearly shows Healy to be a "no show."

But why didn't "the powers that be" at The Rep dog Healy about his "apparent" snub of Stark County's finest?

From The Rep, Stark Countians get "a sanitized" account of Canton/Stark County political and government events.

From the SCPR, readers get the unvarnished truth!

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