Monday, November 23, 2009


It is always nice when someone geta religion, but most of us are on our guard about such persons in the future ad infinitum.

It appears that "maybe, just maybe" the editors at The Repository are starting to figure out Mayor Healy.

In a recent editorial, the editors mused as to why Mayor William J. Healy, II was stonewalling on the reality that his administration is about to announce massive layoffs in city government.

The answer:  Healy's ego will not allow him to face stark reality.  He is a man who is in utterly complete denial and will not address discomforting questions.

Healy, forever, has not been willing to talk with the SCPR.


Because he knows he cannot finesse the SCPR and he only talks with those he can "snow" with his NYU Stern School of Business credentials.

That he has been willing to talk with The Rep editors means that in his own mind he thinks he can smooze and "fast talk" his way through an "apparent - let's get to the bottom of things pow-wow."

Healy's take, that he is the intellectual superior of the editors, emboldens him to call them and ask for a sit-down.

If the editors persist in asking questions in print which Healy does not want to answer, then look for The Repository/Healy administration to "ice-over."

Another note on The Repository.

Can you believe it?  Canton's only countywide newspaper is into printing "rumors?" 

The SCPR pretty much knows the source of the rumor.

So, thanks Ed for the tip, the SCPR will vet the source and do better than The Rep in giving an assessment of the credibility of the rumor.  And this is where The Repository has a horrible problem.  The Rep folks are so into a relationship with the subjects of a rumor (e.g. Healy/Creighton) that they are apt to take "denials" at face value.

The SCPR does not develop these kinds of relationships and because The Report often is willing to believe the sources over the subject (after checking a number of other sources), some of the subjects - realizing they cannot "spin" the SCPR, choose not to talk with yours truly.

It's okay that The Rep folks check-in with subjects, but the reporters and editorial writers should consider who the "self-serving" source is!!!

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I laughed when I read THIS editorial.

The Rep just printed an editorial SUPPORTING Hizzoner's budget balancing smoke & mirrors routine just a month ago.

I've been in business longer than he's been alive and know when you don't have the income, you can't claim to take money from the front pocket and put it in the back pocket, and call it a balanced budget.

The timing was interesting as well ... a couple weeks BEFORE the election he rolled out this BS. Then a week after the election it was layoff time for city safety forces once again.

I live and work in this city and I can safely say he has effectively destroyed Canton.

See link here ~